The dangers that you should know from breast augmentation

Risk of allergic reaction to anesthetic drugs General breast augmentation requires the use of anesthesia or general anesthesia. 

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Causing a risk of allergy to anesthesia or general anesthesia Some of which are true drug allergies. Some are side effects of medications, such as low blood pressure. High blood pressure, shock, unable to recover, etc.

risk of infection

Any type of surgery has its risks. If it’s a lot, the breast will be swollen and red. Caused by a large abscess with necrotic tissue inside. which must be corrected with antibiotics Some people may need to remove the added substances. Some people are very unlucky. Severely infected may require amputation of the breast.

There is a risk of having a blood clot or lymph sac formation after surgery.

If there is a problem in this item requiring long-term drug treatment Sometimes a repeat surgery is required.

Risk of problems from breast augmentation

such as a scar on the skin

– Inflamed varicose veins on the breast

– The breasts are not as beautiful as expected.

– after breast augmentation Breasts look unnatural, hard, rough, distorted, asymmetrical on both sides

– The breasts come together, do not separate the breasts. (because breast augmentation bags come together)

– breasts become four breasts because the breast augmentation bag is separated into two breasts while the natural breasts are sagging

– etc.

Risk of auxiliary substances, cracks, leaks

It was found that if using a silicone bag containing saline within 5 years, it will break or leak 7 to 10 percent for patients who have breast augmentation for beauty. Rupture or leakage in 8 to 18 percent of breast augmentation patients due to disease or abnormality. If using a silicone bag containing liquid silicone for breast augmentation from all reasons

– 26 percent cracked or leaked within 3.9 years

– 47 percent will break or leak within 10.3 years

– 69 percent will break or leak within 17.8 years

The risk of repeat surgery

The research found that 24% of breast augmentation patients with silicone bags filled with saline. and a silicone bag containing liquid silicone usually require corrective surgery within 5 years.

1 in 3 patients with breast augmentation Because the disease or abnormality requires repeat surgery within 5 years.

1 in 8 patients with breast augmentation For beauty, revision surgery is required within 5 years.

Risk of having to remove breast implants

research found

Within 5 years, patients who have breast augmentation with a silicone bag filled with saline must have the breast augmentation removed. (Some people take it out. 12 to 14 percent for aesthetic breast augmentation patients and 28 to 30 percent for breast augmentation patients. because of disease or abnormality

For breast augmentation with a silicone bag filled with liquid silicone, 33% of all reasons had to be removed (some people removed it at all). Some people wear new ones). The average time to take them off is 11.5 years.

risk feeling in the nipples and resist changes

is numbness without feeling or are more sensitive to pain

Within 5 years, 6 to 10 percent of breast augmentation patients are more sensitive to pain

Within 5 years, 10 to 18 percent of breast augmentation patients numbness or no feeling

risk of feeling breast pain

Within 5 years, 7 to 17 percent of cosmetic breast augmentation patients experience breast pain.

Within 5 years, 16 to 18 percent of breast augmentation patients because of disease or abnormality cause breast pain

Risk of danger from breast cancer detection by special X-rays such as mammograms, etc.

Breast compression for this special x-ray May cause breast implants to rupture or leak.

long term risk that has not yet been proven

For example, allergies that occur after breast augmentation

Bag coating that is used to enhance the breast type polyurethane or platinum, which is a component of silicone bags. can cause cancer

Risk of losing expenses beyond budget

It’s not just breast augmentation surgery. Or surgery to correct subsequent times or use drugs to solve problems arising from breast augmentation only But must take care of the problem whether the breast augmentation bag will rupture or leak or not. This requires the use of special X-rays (MRI) from time to time.

Risk of breast problems that look worse than before

For example, withered, withered, scarred, etc., and when removing the breast implants, the breasts may be worse than when without breast enhancement. Because when removing the breast enhancer, it may destroy or disturb part of the milk.

risk of mental problems

Dear reader for the risk of mental problems

Medical research found that Women who are worried about the size of their breasts are usually young, well-established, healthy women who are married, have children, and are anxious. with beauty and looking good on the outside

good to know

Women who want to have part of their breast augmentation There are hidden problems such as family problems, psychological problems. lack of self-confidence having sex problems

Breast augmentation may temporarily improve the above problems. then return to new problems over time Except the pride of big breasts tends to remain.

This resulted in breast augmentation Suicide is higher than people without supplements. At the time of the breast augmentation surgery, it is 4.5 times longer than 10 to 19 years, and if the breast augmentation is longer than 20 years, the chances of suicide are 6 times higher than the average person because people with mental problems even though breast augmentation does not increase confidence or change mental problems

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