Breast augmentation surgery to enlarge the small size to make it bigger.

Breast augmentation is a big preference. and believe that in the depths of the mind Most people prefer big over small, for example, wanting to have a big house, a big car, a big bag of money, a garden, a farm, a lot of farms (big), a huge department store (big) to spend. have a big body until there are various organs.

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 The most popular organ of a woman may not be outside the chest until the word “use the breast to climb” But if wanting to have big breasts, it can be done in two ways:

  1. Do not use surgery.
  2. Use surgery

Big breasts.. without surgery

big.. with exercise Whether it’s a whole body exercise or specific exercise Or by slapping the milk, scooping up the milk. These things may even make it look bigger. because it makes the chest muscles stronger solidified milk but unable to truly enlarge the breast size

big.. with food, weight gain Eating fatty foods can actually increase breast size. But women tend to be afraid of fat in other parts. with, in addition to growing breasts

Big.. by injecting the substance into the breast Be careful not to do it with people who don’t have knowledge. In Thailand, there is a scam that injects collagen into the milk. but actually uses liquid silicone or other substances that are not certified for quality and is dangerous injected into the breast

The injection site is not a hospital with life-saving equipment. Maybe do it in a mobile car. Sometimes receiving injections at home may be done in a beauty parlor.

The result is really big breasts. But may cause inflammation and infection to the point that the breast must be cut off. Some people are allergic to the injected substances. In some cases, substances accidentally injected into the bloodstream shock to death

Big breasts are big in shape. But may be rough, hanging under gravity, rough, hard. From the liquid silicone bound to the milk tissue to form a tumor (Granuloma) which is very difficult to correct surgically. Some people need corrective surgery. Used for more than 30 years

In fact, the injection of this substance is medically performed as a breast augmentation surgery by

liposuction of the person receiving the injection injected into the breast to enhance the breasts to grow For those who want to have big breasts But do not want breast augmentation surgery. The advantage is that the breasts grow as needed. The by-product is getting rid of fat as well. But there is a disadvantage. May cause inflammation, infection, bruising, rough milk after injection and lasted for a few months, the fat was dissolved The breasts that had grown had shrunk to their original size.

Collagen is injected into the breast. The advantage is real big breasts. The disadvantage is similar to fat injection. That is, there may be inflammation, infection, bruising, rough milk after injection. not long Most of them are gone within 6 months. and some people are allergic to collagen If you are very allergic, you may be in shock. Blood is not clotting, kidney failure, mild allergic reactions may cause swollen skin, itchy rashes, and fever.

Medicines or herbs that contain female hormones due to the breast is part of the mammary glands and milk ducts There is a signal to receive female hormones. When receiving female hormones, the breasts will grow significantly.

Because the milk ducts have receptors for the hormone estrogen. The mammary glands have progesterone receptors. In order for the breasts to look round and beautiful naturally, both hormones must be taken.

In general, the indications that doctors prescribe hormonal drugs for breast growth is a girl without breasts and no young growth from lack of female hormones

For hormones and common herbs that contain sex hormones called phytoestrogens. (Phytoestrogen) available in the market or has that nature Whether it’s in the form of eating, most of them are female hormones, estrogen. There is no medical confirmation of its safety. Because if normal breast cells are stimulated to grow It can stimulate breast cancer cells as well. I don’t know if it’s safe or not. If the breasts actually grow But in the end, there is a by-product, cancer.

Breast augmentation with surgery

story of the breast

Khun Ji (alias) 38 years old came to consult with me about wanting to have breast augmentation.

Since having a child My breasts have become much smaller. It’s very ugly. It’s very worrying.”

when I examined I don’t see ugly breasts as Khun Ji said.

Looks normal,” I commented.

“But it’s not good at all. Before having a baby, the breasts looked firm. felt and still hard Now it’s soft and withered. It doesn’t look fresh at all.”

Listen, I want to laugh at the description of breasts that Mr. G uses. Which is one of the reasons women around the world get breast augmentation.

Reason for breast augmentation

In general, there are four reasons for breast augmentation:

Breast augmentation from breast reduction due to breast cancer or because of breast abnormalities since childhood

repeat breast augmentation It is a correction after the first breast augmentation. because of disease or abnormality

Breast augmentation from dissatisfaction with appearance such as being too small, withered, and sag.

Fixed the first breast augmentation. from the problem of breast augmentation or because of dissatisfaction

I want to know how much breast augmentation surgery How much will I spend?” Khun Supakjee asked.

Breast augmentation surgery Because I want to grow up to be more beautiful without correcting physical abnormalities or correcting after breast cancer. It’s considered cosmetic surgery. The universal health insurance card (gold card), social security card cannot be used. or official rights

The cost of breast augmentation depending on the level of the clinic or hospital often in the tens of thousands Which must inquire for more information at the public relations of each hospital “

What’s the problem with people having breast augmentation?” Khun Ji asked the last problem.

Some people have it, some people don’t. But everyone who has breast augmentation is at risk of having an unexpected event as follows…” I explained to Khun G.

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