What To Do After Being Injured In A Car Accident

Find The Best Automobile Accident Attorney After Being Injured

Confused about what you should do right after a car accident? Do not worry, although such a phrase is not beyond reassurance at the time of need. Right after you get in an accident there’s very little you can do protect oneself from the direct harms. You can however, attempt to contact attorneys and see which is the best way you can be helped in the particular situation you may be in. For this very purpose, if you’re in Virginia Beach contacts Barney Car Injury Law.

Attorneys at Scott R. Barneys have successfully defended clients in hundreds of instances, resulting in millions of dollars in settlements. Visit Barney auto injury law office for specialized services and consultation.

Representing clients in vehicle accident cases, the Virginia Beach-based Barneys Injury Law Firm has received high praise. Customers also require these “heavy hitters” to compete effectively with insurance providers.

What you must do and how you can get help?

The first thing we need to know is if anyone was hurt in the car crash.

Before doing anything else, make sure you and your fellow travelers are okay. If you feel otherwise, visit a doctor right away. In order to prevent a traffic jam, please move the car. Put on your brake lights and turn on the hazards. Do not leave the scene if someone has been hurt or killed. It’s possible you’ll face hit-and-run charges if police find you.

Please call 911 to report any accidents in Virginia

If there is serious damage to the vehicle or neighboring property, injuries, or fatalities, call the police or 911 immediately. You need to ask for a copy of the police report that has been submitted. Note down the names and badge numbers of the police officers. Explain what happened and how you were hurt.

Avoid placing blame. Since fault may be unclear, the accident should be discussed only with law enforcement or your attorney. Get in touch with people right away. Collect information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and details from identification documents including driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, and proofs of insurance. Identify and contact potential witnesses. Find out how often accidents are by talking to the people.

Enhance Motor Vehicle Accident Evidence Collection

Take pictures of the wreckage after a car crash. Show your insurance company or lawyer your car’s pre-accident damage. Possible use in court.

Retain Counsel: Barney Injury Law Attorneys

If someone is hurt in the accident, you should retain the services of a qualified attorney. Consultations with lawyers are often free of charge. There are potential risks and costs involved, such as a contingent charge. Barney Injury Law offers free first case evaluations.


In the event of a personal injury accident in Virginia Beach, the team of attorneys led by Scott Barney will know exactly what to do and will have a good idea of how likely they are to succeed. They’ll make it easy for you to access the data you require whenever it’s most practical.

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