I am attending Family Court – how can I best prepare?

You may be appearing at the court for the first time and are tense about the results. It may happen that you had a lawyer for your case, but as you are running out of money, you want to appear on your own. Even the calmest people may get stressed or anxious when they appear in the family court. Some Canberra family lawyers have some suggestions for you so that you can prepare yourself easily.

Learn Your Case 

It would help if you understood your case properly. During the separation process, you will generally fight for child custody and division of property, but many other issues need to be resolved. The core elements of your case should be understood, and if you are not confident enough, you may take legal advice to fight your case. If you possess documents that need to be clarified, you should call your family lawyer to make yourself understood. Always make sure that you are updated before your trials. The problems that started souring the relationship may have changed before the trial date.

Know The Purpose Well

The purpose for representing yourself at the court should be clear to you. When it is a trial in court, many factors will be covered, such as the financial disclosure of your ex-partner and many other factors. Make sure that you are available to attend all the hearing dates to check where the case is going. When you understand the role of hearing, you will also understand the role of representing yourself in the court. When you are confused, some Adelaide family lawyers will guide you through the process.

Wear Comfortable And Clean Clothes

You should present yourself neatly and comfortably. Though there is no need to overthink your clothes, you are required to be presentable in court. Your dressing sense will make you appear truthful, dependable, and trustworthy. Your appearance will ensure that you are providing importance to the process. You should only wear a suit if you are comfortable wearing it. It may give a negative impression or a non-verbal cue when you are sweating or uncomfortable with the collars. So it would be good if you did not look uncomfortable as wrong messages will be delivered through non-verbal communication.

Go Through Relevant Documents

Before attending the trial, you should go through the relevant documents. All the affidavits filed by each party need to be appropriately understood. If you find something unclear in the documents, you should contact your lawyer as soon as possible.

Know The Process

It would be good if you had an idea about the process in the court. You should know what will happen in court by asking questions to your lawyer. Though things may turn out differently than they are, preparations are necessary.


To prepare for the court case trials, you should communicate properly with your family lawyer. Some hearings may go with your very minimal roles, but some may be very significant where you provide evidence. So it is always advisable to prepare your case before appearing in court.

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