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DNA testing is an excellent way to find your biological grandparents. The service uses DNA tests to determine the relationships of people based on their shared genes. The site is free to use and does not charge anything for the service. If you know the identity of your grandparents, you can use this information to build a family tree and learn more about them.

Your DNA matches will also reveal the relationship between you and your great-grandparents. For example, you will learn that you share DNA with Mary Ann Waterton and Wesley Hall. You will be able to sort your cousins into groups based on the same ancestor.

Another great resource to find your family roots is vital records. These records show where your parents were born, married, or died. If you were adopted, the records may not be available to you but you can still get information from them. If you’re a child of an adoptive family, it’s a good idea to contact the government offices where your parents were born.

Social media is another avenue for finding your birth parents. Posting pictures and identifying information about your family on social media websites may help you track them down. This can be a free way to connect with your birth parents. Many people have found their birth parents through this method.

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