Working with Gridlines and Legends

Another chart object that appears in the graduation scatter plot is gridlines.

Gridlines are vertical or horizontal lines that match up with the major and minor units on the x and y axes. Gridlines can make it easier to line up data values within the scatter plot. By default, Excel will open a scatter plot with horizontal gridlines matching the major units on the y axis. You can add or remove major and minor gridlines from scatter plots using the commands on the Chart Tools ribbon. Try this by adding vertical gridlines to the graduation percentage scatter plot.

Working with Charts 101 To add vertical gridlines: 1 With the chart still selected, click the Gridlines button from the Axes group on the Layout tab of the Chart Tools ribbon, click Primary Vertical Gridlines and then click Major Gridlines. As shown in Figure 3-17, vertical gridlines are added to the scatter plot. Figure 3-17 Adding vertical gridlines You can edit the format of the gridlines by clicking More Primary Gridlines Options command found on the menu of commands for each gridline.

By modifying the format, you can change the gridline’s color and style as well as add drop shadows to each gridline. The graduation percentage scatter plot also contains a legend. A legend is a box that identifies the patterns or colors that are assigned to the data points in a chart.

When you insert a chart, Excel automatically adds a legend.

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In the graduation percentage chart, the legend appears on the right edge of the chart, providing the name of the y values (in this case values from the Graduated column). If there is only one set of data values in the chart you usually do not need a legend. 102 Excel To remove the legend: 1 Click the Legend button from the Labels group in the Layout tab of the Chart Tools ribbon and then click None.

Final Words:

Excel removes the legend from the scatter plot From the Legend button you can also choose commands to move the legend to different locations relative to the chart area and to format the legend’s appearance including its size, fi ll color, and font styles.

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