Why Well-Women Exams are Essential for Your Health

Every woman has unique health needs, and following a good wellness plan can help you achieve a whole and healthy life. Kalpana Desai, MD, a triple board-certified physician, focuses on women’s health in Lady Lake and encourages every woman to have an annual exam as part of the wellness plan. This is because the well-woman visits allow your doctor to evaluate your overall wellbeing where complications are detected early, precautions are taken effectively, and help keep track of your medical history. Here is why you need the annual exams.

To Take Preventative Care

This is one of the main goals of annual exams as it helps your doctor assess your current health and understand if you require to take some preventative measures against some complications. Your provider conducts a physical exam and pelvic exam and discusses your health state during your visit.

This will help them detect any abnormalities, which the earlier they are detected, the better. In addition, your provider will understand what steps to take, including immunization and other preventative measures.

To Plan Your Family

Today’s world is a free choice, where you might desire to have a large family or choose not to have any children at all. Whichever the case, you will want to discuss your reproductive goals with your doctor to help you plan. This forms part of the annual exam where your provider will evaluate your reproduction needs and advise you accordingly. In addition, they can help you understand and choose the different birth control options available and help you get ready for pregnancy. It will be easier for your provider to offer practical help if they know you and understand your needs well, and annual well-woman visits make that possible.

To Screen for Certain Diseases

This is another primary objective of an annual well-woman exam. Sometimes your risks for certain diseases can be identified by requiring screening like diagnostic tests, which can occur during your annual exam.

Therefore, it is essential to develop the routine for annual exams as your doctor will recommend tests based on your health history, which they can access through your visits. For example, you can be tested for STDs depending on your sexual history, blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol levels, and your doctor can also carry out a breast exam.

To Track Your Medical History

Your medical history is crucial before any treatment for a particular disease. It also helps your doctor understand your health needs, including the risks for certain complications.

During your annual exam visits, your provider will discuss your health and ask you relevant questions about different aspects of your life.

In addition, you may be required to fill a questionnaire with your information and family history to help your provider keep track of your health concerns. This is critical for the accuracy and the effectiveness of the healthcare you can receive.

Get Counseling

Every woman’s health needs are unique, as mentioned earlier. Therefore, you may require specialized and unique advice to help you live in optimal health. This includes your mental and emotional wellbeing and safety. During your conversation during your visit, your provider will understand your needs and advise you on lifestyle changes and also help you adjust to any significant recent changes in your life.

In no doubt, it is essential to seek annual well-woman exams.

Reach out to Dr. Desai at Integrated Family Medical Center and understand how you can begin yours and how it will benefit your health.

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