Why Does White Discharge Occur?

White discharge is common in women of all ages. It is known as a fluid flowing out of your cervix and vagina. White discharge is like a vaginal secretion that keeps your vagina clean and hydrated all the time.

A white discharge is a vital flow that replaces the old blood cells along the vagina into clean and healthy cells. The colour, odour, texture and volume of white discharge may vary each day, depending on your menstruation cycle.

Here is a detailed analysis of what leads to the formation of white discharge.

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What is normal white discharge?

It is common for women to notice white discharge. Normal white discharge looks like a clear and thin liquid. In most cases, a healthy white discharge has a milky-white colour. When you look at it, you find a sticky and elastic fluid without any odour.

In cases of heavy white discharge, you can find them on your panties or while urinating. However, these are not signs of any concern. It is normal for white discharge to be thick enough without indicating any threat to your health.

Thick white discharge:

When white discharge has a thick texture, it often looks like cottage cheese. Yeast infection in the vagina can lead to symptoms like vaginal itching, soreness and pain.

In extreme cases of white discharge, you may observe a burning sensation in your vagina along with discomfort during sexual intercourse due to redness and swelling of the vulva.

White discharge before periods:

When it comes to the reproductive system, two hormones play a vital role. They are known as oestrogen and progesterone. White discharge is dependent on these two hormones in a woman’s body. When oestrogen peaks, the white discharge becomes a clear and watery fluid.

Just before the period, your menstrual cycle goes through the luteal phase. During the luteal phase, progesterone peaks in your body. With progesterone dominating your body, your discharge looks like a thick white mucous.

The thick white discharge is the most infertile, while the thin, watery discharge is fertile.

White discharge due to infection:

White discharge can often occur due to bacterial vaginosis. It is a vaginal infection caused by bacteria. Bacterial vaginosis leads to vaginal odour, vaginal irritation and heavy white discharge.

When to see a doctor in case of white discharge?

You need to take measures if your vaginal discharge causes severe itching. For mild itching, you can try home remedies like drinking liquid made of boiled guava leaves.

White discharge in the form of clear and odourless liquid is normal. It is not a cause for concern. However, if your discharge seems heavy with the volume increasing by each month volume increasing each month, you need to consult a doctor without any delay.

The person you visit must be a trained medical practitioner. In cases of severe infection, you also experience white discharge in the form of a yellowish-green liquid with a clumpy texture. You may also experience symptoms like vaginal pain and darkening of the skin around your vagina.

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