Which Type of Liquor is Your Go-To?

When you talk about drinks, there’s so much that comes to mind. The options are endless for people who choose their drinks based on the flavours. Vodka is one such drink that has many types. There’s something for everyone!

You might think of this liquor as a flavourless and colourless liquid, but in reality, there’s so much more. It is not limited to these assumptions, and there are various popular varieties available in the market.

If you love exploring different types of liquor drinks, this article will help you explore some of the best and most popular ones to choose from!

Different types of vodka

Every different type of this drink has a unique taste profile and alcohol quantity. You can choose from the different types to add more spice to your life. This strong and clear liquor drink is said to have its origin in Russia.

Its popularity and market have grown since its invention, and it is one of people’s favourite drinks worldwide. Prepared by fermenting grains such as corn, rye, rice, wheat, and even fruits, this variety allows the drink to be versatile.

Four different types of this popular drink will make you instantly fall in love with it.

1. Plain

This type is known to have extremely high alcohol content. You will find the alcohol content in the higher 90s. It acts like a base drink for your other cocktail drinks since it is pure with only minute impurities. It does not even have any taste of its own.

Many companies have been experimenting with key ingredients to improve the plain flavour. By itself, the plain flavour does the job relatively well and provides you with the much-needed kick in your drinks.

The starting range of the alcohol percentage is 95% which undergoes repeated distillations to dilute the tail. You can enjoy this well with water or any other type of mixer.

2. Flavoured

Over the last few years, this type has become extremely popular because it already has common flavours and doesn’t require extra work. You don’t need to add mixers or juices to enjoy. There are multiple options for you to choose from.

For example, green apple, lemon, blueberry, orange, cinnamon, etc. It is one of the highest-selling drinks exceeding the sales of brandy, whisky, and gin.

There’s a difference between flavoured and fruit vodkas. It usually differs from one brand to another and the kind of taste profile they create.

3. Fruit

Another popular type is fruit vodkas, which are created from fruit infusions. Additionally, there are also herb-flavoured vodkas that are made the same way as fruit ones. This type takes longer to be produced than plain vodkas. They have an irresistible and rich flavour profile, colour, and smell.

The base begins with 50% to 80% of alcohol content. It is then infused with fruit blends for around three weeks to soak the complete richness of the fruit flavour in it. Once it completes three weeks, the rind is filtered carefully.

4. Grain

One of the driest types is known as grain vodkas. It starts with 96% of concentrated alcohol content. It is made of pure rye and then mixed with water to begin the infusion and distillation process.

This type may not be suitable for everyone as it has extremely strong roots.

Wrapping up

Vodka is one of the most popular drinks available worldwide for consumption. You can choose from the different types available based on your taste buds and preferences.

Regardless of the type, you will always enjoy this drink as a cocktail with friends!

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