Which type of hair is best for making a desired wig?

At present, there is a satisfactory offer of wigs with different types of designs and different types of hair on our market. If you want to orient yourself better in this offer, then here we have basic information about wigs. Wigs, hairpieces and other hair products can basically be divided into products made of real hair, artificial hair and combinations of real and artificial hair. The length of time that a wig or hairpiece will fulfill its basic purpose – a natural look – depends mainly on the care you provide them.

The value of hair products is determined mainly by the method of design (machine or manual production), the type of hair (real or artificial hair) is in second place. It is not uncommon for a hand-woven synthetic fiber wig to be more expensive than a machine-made real hair U part wig. Whether they are looped by one or more hairs also play an important role in hand-looped wigs.

Most people think that real hair is more suitable for making wigs, which is not always true. Real and artificial hair have their pros and cons. When deciding, it is necessary to take into account mainly what conditions they will be exposed to. The fact is that real hair looks more natural, but requires care that many people cannot or cannot provide. In the case of real hair, it is also necessary to distinguish whether it is European, Indian or Asian hair.

Real hair, especially European hair, tends to tangle and requires extra care. Real hair also changes depending on the surrounding conditions, especially the strength of sunlight, color and elasticity. Therefore, it is necessary to color the hair and supply it with the necessary moisture. In geographical conditions where the hair is exposed to intense sunlight, it is therefore better to give preference to artificial hair.

So how do you decide?

A machine-made wig is likely to be sufficient for occasional use. Machine-made wigs are made in a universal size and can be adjusted using removable rubber bands and straps. The offer of colors and cuts is quite extensive and should satisfy your requirements. If you are forced to wear a wig permanently, custom manufacturing is the best solution.

Today’s technology makes it possible to produce a wig  or hairpiece based on precise dimensions and shape with incredible precision. With hand-loosened individual hair, the end result is very natural. For custom work, it is also possible to achieve a precise color unification with your own hair, which you will especially appreciate in the case of hairstyles. We recommend consulting an expert about the choice of a suitable hairstyle, hair length, density and possibly graying.

Advantages and disadvantages of individual materials:


Real European hair

Advantages: Fine hair suitable for the production of light shades. In the case of natural colors, the color fastness is relatively good.

Disadvantages: Hair requires increased care. Due to the inverted cuticle, they tend to tangle at the looping site.

Real Indian hair

Advantages: The hair is chemically treated and cuticle free. The hair is very easy to maintain.

Disadvantages: Hair is good only in dark shades. In the case of light colors, they are already very disturbed due to discoloration.

Artificial hair

Advantages: The hair is very stable in color and requires minimal care. Hair can also be exposed to contact with seawater.

Disadvantages: Hair does not give a completely natural impression, especially for longer hair. At the point of contact with the skin, the hair forms a so-called crepe.

Mix of real and artificial hair

Advantages: In the case of darker shades and shorter cuts, this is a very good solution. The hair is color-fast and holds the shape of the cut very well. Hair products are especially suitable for everyday wear.

Disadvantages: With a higher percentage of artificial hair, the hair does not give a completely natural impression in long and very light shades.

Pay attention to good workmanship

In addition to the material from which the bob wigs are made, the processing also plays a major role. High-quality wigs can be recognized by the fact that they are completely hand-knotted. The individual hairs are tied into a very fine membrane made of a monofilament that is similar in many aspects to the scalp. Such a wig gives your wearer various advantages.

Due to the careful processing of the individual hair, such a wig can also be worn with parting hairstyles that look very natural. In addition, such a membrane is also air-permeable, so that there is excellent air circulation around the head. So you don’t sweat under the wig even in summer or in heated rooms. In addition, such a wig is designed to be light and comfortable to wear.

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