What you need to know before buying a gym business cards design.

For most business owners, whether in the fitness industry or not eye-catching business cards is important for networking, promoting business and getting new clients. Looking at business cards design examples business cards design can give you lots of inspiration when creating your own business card business cards design.

We have created a list of 10 business cards that are creative, interesting and inspiring to help you get started with your business card designing. I hope it will serve as a good starting point for your creative process. Enjoy!

1) Fitness Center Business Cards Design – Cardvibe Business Cards Design

The first example is this very cute business card designed, a fitness center based in Auckland, New Zealand business cards design.

The business card business cards design is very cute; the pink color gives us a nice touch for this type of business. The square shape makes it more dynamic and eye-catching business cards design.

2) Business Card Design – Fitness Type Swiss army knife business cards design

This business card belongs to Alex Palma who’s a personal trainer business cards designer. It’s very similar to the first example, but I think it has its own personality business cards design, especially with the white color on top which highlights all other colors. This one can be considered as an elegant fitness center business card.

3) Fitness Club Business Cards – Zero Creative’s Business Cards Design

The second last business card business cards design belongs to Fitness Club business cards design. Another business card with pink color, but I think each color has its own personality business cards design, so there is no need to be afraid of using bold color business cards design.

4) Personal Trainer Business Cards Design – Gifts Business Cards Design

The fourth example is this personal trainer’s business card that belongs to Marisa Sanchez. This is a very cute and creative fitness business card. The diagonal lines above the name give it a dynamic effect, while the black color makes it look stronger than other colors. Also, they used different font styles which make it more interesting just one type of font style.

5) Personal Training business cards design – Business Cards Design

The fifth business card business cards design belongs to Fitness and Exercise business cards designer. It’s a business card that can easily catch the attention of potential clients just because it uses pink color business cards design. I think pink is a very sweet and feminine color which makes this type of business card more suitable for the fitness industry business cards designer.

6) Customized Business Card Design – Engineered Print Solutions Business Cards Design

This business card looks pretty simple, but you should not underestimate its simplicity business cards design. Even when it is not up to date with modern technology business cards design, it has its own personality business cards designer. The choice of grey color also makes it look strong in business cards business cards design.

7) Personal Business Cards Design –

Creative Bizcard business cards design business card business cards business card personal trainer business card fitness center business card exercise gym business card workout gym workout fitness weight loss

This is another example that uses black and white color to create a simple and elegant look which can also be applied to many other industries like restaurant, beauty salon, art gallery and more. These colors are very suitable for modern businesses as they give impressions of sophistication and uniqueness. Even though it is not too outstanding or eye-catching, because of its simplicity it still becomes an interesting choice as one’s first impression when meeting someone new designer

8) Fitness Studio Business Cards design

This fitness center’s business card is not only special because it uses 3D concept, but also because of its type as a tri-fold which makes it more interesting as a first impression to those who see it for the first time designer. The use of yellow color to make highlights on certain parts can also make this type of business card looks more cheerful, especially when they use black color font designer.

9) Personal Trainer Business Cards Design – Fitness Studio Business Cards Design

This is another example that uses pink color to create a playful and energetic look in their fitness center’s business card design. Even though they do not use many colors, but with the combination of business card business cards business card, it is enough to make this business card design more attractive business cards designer.

10) Personal Trainer Business Cards Design – Marisa Sanchez Fitness Business Cards Design

The last example is this personal trainer business cards design that belongs to Scott Mintun. This business card uses white color as the main color which makes it look light and refreshing to business cards designer.

They also use green color for certain parts in order to give an interesting contrast especially when they are blurry business cards design.


All business cards business card designs above are the best examples that you can use as a reference business cards designer. You can try to search for more business cards on Google if you want more variation business cards, designers.

However, I hope this post can help you find inspiration for your next customized business card!

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