What to consider when selecting a pallet truck

When working in a warehouse or with heavy items, you will always need a pallet truck. Pallet trucks are made to work on heavy materials within a short distance. Pallet truckshave a folk lift held to hold the luggage.

  • Work environment. You have to consider your working space; this is either indoors or outdoors. This is important to note the shortcomings caused by the dimensions, height, and how the goods will be accessible.

In a corrosive or hygienic environment, you can choose a stainless steel pallet truck.

  • The type of equipment required. Pallet trucks come in three types; hand/ manual pallet, semi-electric, and electric pallet trucks.
  • The amount of load available. The amount of load help to consider where to use a manual pallet truck or electric pallet truck. In case of heavy loads, you can go for an electric pallet truck which is more powerful when handling heavyweight, and a manual pallet truck for lighter loads.
  • They require lifting height.The lift height is when the pallet truck can be lifted. In most cases, a pallet truck can lift to 3 meters. Higher heights make maneuverability, especially when moving it outside.

Which pallet truck to choose;

In most cases, everyone gets studded on which type of pallet to buy for a job. In this stage, wrong decisions can result in additional costs afterward. There are several tips on which is the right panel track to choose.

Price of the pallet truck:  Considering pallet truck price in Kenya is one of the most key factors required when choosing a pallet truck. Pallet trucks are of three types, hand pallet trucks, semi-electric trucks, and electric trucks. Each of these pallet trucks has different prices according to their productivity.

Manual/ hand pallet truck

This panel truck operates by lifting through pumping. It has a drawbar that helps to move the pallet truck. The hand panel truck has a mechanism that allows rotating the axis of the drawer. The hand pallet is suitable for flours with less than 10% steepness. Hand pallet trucks are simple and do not require any special certification; however, training to prevent accidents is necessary.

Advantages of manual/hand pallet trucks

  1. They are affordable due to their cheap price and low maintenance cost.
  2. They are lighter and therefore easy to transport.
  3. There is no certification required.
  4. Can transport all types of products.


  1. Can lift a limited weight

Semi-electric pallet truck

Semi-electric trucks are also known as hybrid pallet trucks. They are categorized into two: electric movement and manual lifting and those with manual movement and electric lifting.

Advantages over manual pallet truck

  1. It is more efficient and has increased productivity.
  2. It can be used in larger warehouses due to its ability to move long distances.

Electric pallet truck

An electric pallet truck uses electric power, which helps it move. It lifts load using a hydraulic pump which is driven by electric motors. There is no physical effort required to operate an electric pallet truck.


  1. There is less risk encountered while using the electric pallet truck.
  2. An electric pallet truck is used for a variety of loads
  3. Has high gain in productivity.


  1. Has high purchase price
  2. It has a high maintenance cost.
  3. Difficulty operating machine which transporting heavy loads.
  4. Requires a lot of training before learning how to operate.

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