What one should contemplate on when purchasing an electric air compressor

Electric air compressor is a device that is able to transform power into energy that is stored in the form of pressurised air, using an electric motor or engine. Air compressor is used in refrigerating, freezing and air conditioning processes. This article provides information about what to put in consideration before purchasing an air compressor in Kenya.

An electric air compressor works by pulling air in and creating a vacuum that reduces the volume of air. The air compressors undergo a duty cycle whereby the vacuum created pushes air outside the Chamber and into the tank (storage tank).Once the tank becomes almost full or when it reaches its maximum capacity, the compressor turns off automatically. The following are some of the things one should contemplate on.

1. Purpose of buying

Electric air compressors are of many types suitable for different purposes. One should buy the one that will work well in the field he or she wants. There are those air compressors that can perform any work but not as best as those suited for specific work. If one does not have a specific purpose, then he or she should buy the one that can perform any task.

2. Requirements of air pressure in terms of PSI (pound per square inch)

PSI is the unit that measures air pressure inside the air compressor. For bigger tasks one should purchase the one that has a high PSI compared to what the tool being in use   needs for those bigger tasks. The PSI should always be higher than the tool in use otherwise the tasks will be half done which is loss and wastage of time.

3. Horsepower

This is what makes the motor engine power the compressor. Tasks that are heavier should use a high horsepower. And for simple tasks one might just use a lower horsepower. Having a high horsepower on small tasks might result in damages and wastage of pressure. For example in inflating a tyre, no highly powered air compressor is needed. This is one factor that affects electric air compressor price in kenya.

 4. Tank size.

This is a storage tank for compressed air. Having a large storage tank saves time in giving you continued services. One should go for this big sized tank when he or she wants continuous working service. But the difference with the large and small tanks is pressure. Ensure you consider whether it’s high pressure you want, or low pressure. The large tank exerts low pressure compared to a small sized tank.

5. Noise.

Having a quiet working place is the best thing. Some compressors are noisy. When buying this any air compressor, you should avoid the noisy ones. Not many people will accept working with a really noisy device. Majority want silence so that they can think ahead in a free  noise working area.

6. Portability

Using a machine that is hectic to move from one place to another cannot be effective enough and also it is not easy to maintain as it is not easy to move it. One should consider the one that is portable. Modern ones can guarantee you ease ofmaintenance as they are lighter and portable as well.


These are the most considered things when buying an electric air compressor. It is advisable to go through them one by one to ensure that a safe and easy to use device arrives at the workplace or at home.

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