What is the difference between recruitment CRM and executive search software?

Recruitment comprises the hiring and placement of suitable candidates in advertised positions within the hiring organisations. Recruitment software is used by recruiters who work to place junior to mid-level roles. On the other hand, senior executives are head-hunted using executive search software.

This is the core difference between the two recruiting software solutions. The traditional recruitment system works with recruitment CRM. The executive search space leverages the advantages of the executive recruitment software system.

Why is recruitment agency software not suitable for executive search?

The very nature of top tier executives as candidates for executive search calls for a different kind of recruiting process which, in turn, demands a different recruiting system. Senior and c-suite executives carry a lot of responsibility for their organisations.

They are not easy people to reach.

AI-enabled executive search software is a great source for finding executive candidates. Head-hunters cannot rely only on active candidates. They have to delve deeper into the executive market and identify executives who might be suitable for the role. Passive candidates are a valuable candidate source.

Head-hunters must identify, approach and engage these executives. But since it is not easy to get past the gatekeepers and contact senior executives, head-hunters have to utilise various methods.

This requires a software system more robust than traditional recruitment CRM. In permanent and temp recruitment, there are two kinds of CRM software solutions that recruiters can leverage. In this type of recruiting work, there are heaps of candidates and it’s very easy to establish contact with junior and mid-level job seekers. There are no gatekeepers and many of the candidates are actively looking for new opportunities.

How do recruiters and head-hunters benefit from using the respective recruiting software solutions?

Recruitment software that caters to perm and temp agencies are designed to –

  • help streamline the work process
  • improve communication with candidates
  • generate reports easily
  • provide comprehensive compliance checks
  • quickly check candidate availability

Overall, the objective behind these features is to help recruiters fill the advertised positions with suitable and skilled candidates. And to do so as quickly as possible. Recruitment is competitive. Everyone is vying for the same talented candidate. The recruiter who manages to keep the candidate engaged and interested will be the one to place them in the end.

Using recruitment CRM ensures that the front and back-office work is executed smoothly. The efficiency supports quicker and quality hiring which benefits candidates, recruiters and the hiring company. Visit The Site: starmusiq

The executive search firms who work with executive recruitment software to optimise their work can find high-calibre candidates that satisfy their client’s needs. For head-hunters, this is the biggest advantage as their priority is to ensure the client’s satisfaction.

Executive search software offers similar benefits and values to head-hunters as the traditional recruitment software does to perm and temp recruiters. However, the biggest advantage it offers head-hunters is the ability to quickly source passive but talented executive candidates.

As mentioned above, senior executives are not easy to find. Even though social media platforms have made networking easy, not every C-suite executive uses these actively or updates their accounts regularly. It’s also a bit foolhardy to rely only on messages to connect with these executives.

So, what a robust AI-enabled executive search software does is boost talent sourcing tremendously. All a head-hunter needs to do is type in a couple of key candidate requirements and the software finds suitable executive candidates within a matter of seconds.

This helps reduce candidate sourcing time significantly. It also frees more time for head-hunters and their teams to focus on other equally pressing tasks.

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