What is the Cost of the Best Orthopedics Hospital in Bangalore?

Surgery is a term that creates fear in the minds of the majority of people, and no doubt it’s quite expensive too. Surgery cannot be done in a minute, and it’s not possible to choose any hospital before performing proper research.

Since it’s expensive, it is vital to choose the best orthopedic hospital and surgeon to get better results and proper treatment. For cost-effective treatment, it’s also significant to search for the best orthopaedics hospital in Bangalore.

This guide explains all about orthopedics and the factors affecting the cost of the best orthopedics hospital in Bangalore.

Before proceeding with this guide, it is important to know what exactly orthopedics is.

In simple terms, orthopedics is the branch that generally emphasizes skeleton system care along with its interconnecting parts like bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, and so on.

Orthopaedist is the one who works as part of the big orthopedic treatment team, and that team may incorporate nurse practitioners, athletic trainers, physician assistants, and so on.

The operations performed by orthopedic surgeons include arthroscopic surgery, total joint replacement, fracture repair surgery, spinal fusion, bone grafting surgery, and much more.

Due to the unhealthy, lethargic, and busy lifestyle of people, lack of exercise, long working hours, etc.

, many people experience health issues such as back pain, hip pain, knee pain, neck pain, and so on. In case of such symptoms, it becomes vital to consult the orthopedic doctor to avoid future issues or to treat the issue in time before it becomes worse.

Why Get Orthopedics Treatment In India?

Advanced surgical methods, shorter healing intervals, and safer anesthesia make India the best location for getting orthopedic surgery.

  • Savings: The orthopedic surgery price is quite lesser than getting the surgery in the UK, Canada, US, or some other western nation.
  • No language barrier issues: Physicians and other hospital staff speak English due to which communication will not cause any type of problem to anyone

Cost Of Orthopedic Hospitals

The cost of the best orthopedics hospital in Bangalore varies from hospital to hospital, and the minimum cost starts from INR 25000.

Orthopedic surgery cost depends on different factors like:

  • Admission fee
  • Surgeon fee
  • Body area to be treated
  • Patients age
  • Hospital type
  • Surgery type, i.e., unilateral or bilateral, and
  • Post-surgical complications involved and much more.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Orthopedic Hospital

1. Operating Room Charges

The operating room charges differ as per the surgery type. But the majority of them incorporate charges of anesthesia, equipment used, operating instruments sterilization, and much more.

2. Physician Fees

Surgeries involve a team of experts or even more if the case is critical. So, this is also the factor that affects the cost of orthopedic hospitals.

3. Pre-surgery Testing

The patient has to consult with the orthopedic surgeon before any surgery, including fees. In addition, a surgeon may recommend a few tests before the surgery to analyze the condition, such as X-rays, MRI, ultrasound, and so on. These all things ultimately increase the cost.

4. Special Medicines

Few patients require some special medicines at the time of surgery like IV fluids, antibiotics, etc., which is the reason for an increase in the cost. Furthermore, other factors are also responsible for the increase in the cost of the best orthopedics hospital in Bangalore.


It can be asserted that it is always best to execute an adequate search before choosing orthopedic hospitals. Also, a few aspects that persuade people to choose India for orthopedic treatment includes secure and efficient operation prices, latest technologies, excellent services, personalized care, superb infrastructure, experienced orthopedic surgeons, no language barrier issues, etc.

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