What are the different types of refrigerators?

Small refrigerators

The bar fridge, cube fridge, or mini-fridge is the smallest, the one you find in hotel rooms. Narrower than the standard width and lower than a fridge, it’s perfect for storing drinks by the pool or in an office.

The top refrigerator, on the other hand, is the king of student studios. It measures a maximum of 85 cm in height with or without a freezer compartment, can fit under a worktop, and is sufficient for one or two adults. If you are looking to furnish a studio or need an extra fridge, this is for you!

Standard refrigerators

The 1-door refrigerator or cabinet refrigerator is the most classic. Easy to place and available in a wide range of styles, it fits any kitchen. You will even find vintage refrigerators… at least in appearance! 

The fridge freezer separates the freezer compartment from the refrigerator compartment by assigning a door to each. The freezer is larger and more powerful than a 1-door refrigerator. Result: you save energy, preserve the cold chain, and keep stored products longer. You will find two types of fridge ตู้แช่ freezers: the 2-door fridge with a freezer on top, and the combination fridge, with an even larger freezer placed on the bottom.

Large refrigerator volume

The american refrigerator is the most popular xxl refrigerator. It is especially popular with a large families, with two doors facing each other, one refrigerator and one refrigerator. If you are looking for a family refrigerator, this is for you.

Most modes include a water and ice dispenser on the front. The old american refrigerator has asymmetrical doors, two-thirds of the width given to the refrigerator. The side-by-side version, on the other hand, has two doors of the same size.

The multi-door refrigerator pushes the core even forward with three or four doors depending on the configuration. There may be:

  • 1 door with 1 or 2 drawers
  • 2 doors with 1 or 2 drawers
  • 4 doors

The most popular of the many types of doors, the “french door” refrigerator, has three. Looking for a different refrigerator? You will find models with drawers, modular and even remodeled compartments, in order to change their function between refrigerator and freezer! The multi-door refrigerator provides perfect energy storage due to its design. It is easy to keep wide plates in it.

The baker trick

Is it not easy to distinguish models? Check the door. In one piece, you are dealing with a 1-door refrigerator. If divided into two pieces with the fridge on top, it is a 2-door refrigerator.

If the refrigerator is low, mix the refrigerator. Does the refrigerator have two doors facing each other? American refrigerator. And if there are more than two, they are multi-door!

Where are the different posts?

Depending on the design of your kitchen, you will also have a choice between the two types of installation.

The freestanding refrigerator simply stands. You can place it wherever you want, as long as it has an electrical outlet. The advantage? You have complete freedom of size and design.

The built-in refrigerator, on the other hand, fits into a niche designed in advance and is concealed behind a facade matching the rest of the kitchen furniture.

There are two types of fixings:

  • hinged: with self-supporting or pantograph hinges, the door trim is fixed directly to the appliance door. This type of fixing has several advantages: the opening angle is greater than on slides and there is no risk of pinching fingers, nor possible dirt between the door and its trim.
  • with slides: the door of your appliance slides on a rail fixed to the casing door. This is the system found on most built-in devices.

Perfectly integrated into an equipped kitchen, it is discreet, but the range of choices depends on its location.

Note that it is possible to change the door opening direction on certain appliances (1-door, 2-door ตู้แช่เย็น refrigerators, or combined refrigerators). Information is available on the website or does not hesitate to ask for advice in-store. Changing the door, when possible, can be done when installing your refrigerator at home.

The noise

Noise is an important criterion for some people. Especially since today kitchens are often open and the refrigerator becomes an integral part of the living room.

Refrigerator noise is normal. Indeed, the motor works in order to cool the air injected into the device.

The noise scale of the range we offer is quite wide for this type of device: 36 db to 44 db. Some refrigerators are quieter than others.

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