What Are Racing Bikes? What Are Their Main Features?

Love riding a bike and going racing with friends? You are up for a treat, as you can get race bikes specially designed under Union Cycliste Internationale rules for racing. And these are different from regular cycles that are available in the market.

From their design to their wheels, these bikes carry distinct features that differentiate them considerably from everything you have used. Now here is everything you need to understand about these bikes.

Racing Bikes: An Overview

Racers who participate in UCI-governed competitive road cycling sports utilise race bikes, also known as road bikes. The main objective of these cycles is to deliver maximum performance and minimise aerodynamic resistance.

They are also very lightweight and enhance pedalling efficiency by cutting down on comfort. Thus, it might not be the most comfortable bike you will own, but it will most definitely be the fastest.

Here are some of the primary features of race bikes.

Bicycle Frame

The frame is one of the most essential factors about the bike itself. As these vehicles are primarily constructed for racing, companies go far and wide to search for the most efficient aerodynamic and light materials for their product.

The most used materials are carbon, aluminium, and steel. Carbon is the lightest of the three and the best for uphill cycling. Aluminium is stronger and less expensive than carbon but also heavier. Steel is quite weighty compared to the other two, which is why many manufacturers minimise its usage.


Wheels are another crucial component of these bikes. The distance between the front and back wheels is much less here, helping the riders handle their cycle better. 700C bicycle wheels with tyres that are 23 to 28 mm wide are the most famous choices.

The wheels play a major part in racing because their shape and size can affect performance greatly. Thus, you should check even the rim of the wheel before buying a bike.


Companies have been very creative in upgrading their saddles to enhance the comfort of the riders. The improved saddles will not disturb the cyclist and cause friction to their thighs.

Some new models even have holes at the centre to decrease pressure on the perineum and not harm the prostate.


In recent models, you will see pedals designed especially to hold the sole of your shoe. This will vastly improve your control of the pedal.

There are two primary types of pedals: the look pedal, and the SPD pedal. When it comes to cycling, the look pedal is the best as it has a stronger push but creates difficulty in walking.

The SPD attachment is also great and doesn’t create any problems while walking.


The shape of the handlebar is vital to gain an advantage in an aerodynamic position. Racing bikes have curvy handlebars that cause minimum air friction but are not very comfortable to handle.

But you can escape this problem by using a second set of brakes. This might not be an aerodynamically advanced option, but you will be able to use brakes frequently at any moment.

In Conclusion

Bike racing is an exhilarating sport that a speed enthusiast thrives on and loves. If you wish to experience what it is like to take on cycling like pros or are a pro yourself, go ahead and get yourself your race bikes. It will be a bit more costly than ordinary bikes for obvious reasons, but it is worth every penny.

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