Vimeo download | Free video vimeo | Why You Should Consider a Vimeo Plus Account

If you’d like to post your videos to a popular video sharing website, consider a Vimeo Plus account. Besides its free and unlimited features, Vimeo Plus accounts also offer domain-level privacy, private link sharing, expedited support, customizable video player, custom end screens, and social distribution. Through these features, you can easily share your videos with your friends and followers. Furthermore, you can even upload videos from your Android device to Vimeo.

While both YouTube and Vimeo have a large audience, their environment is very competitive. If your video has a small audience, it could get drowned out by thousands of others. But with Vimeo, you can control the price and offer your video to the right audience for any amount. In contrast, you’d have to accumulate a huge number of views on YouTube in order to make a profit. That’s why Vimeo is an excellent choice for many people.

With a free Vimeo basic membership, you can upload videos up to 500MB per week. You’ll have up to 5GB total storage, but high-resolution videos can easily fill up that limit. Vimeo’s basic free membership is restricted to individuals; a small-business account is available for $29.99 per month. In addition, Vimeo Pro accounts allow you to use stock photos and videos, customize your logo, and add video chapters.

Additionally, you can also enable third-party player support.

Premium plans provide access to collaboration tools, workflow features, detailed analytics, and privacy settings. Vimeo is devoted to helping creators produce high-quality, thought-provoking videos. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo is more focused on providing quality content, rather than on monetizing its content.

Compared to YouTube, Vimeo is the place to post original videos with a highly-engaged community. If you’re looking for a new way to showcase your work, Vimeo is an excellent choice.

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