Use Mylar Bags to wrap your cannabis to increase shelf life.

Cannabis Product Packaging Tips, Guidelines, Designs, and Trends

Tips, Guidelines, Designs and Trends for Packaging Cannabis Products – Under Development. Did you know that the global cannabis packaging market is expected to register a CAGR of 24.3% between 2021-2026? This growth is expected due to the increasing legalization of cannabis in several countries and the steady increase in demand for medical and entertainment cannabis products.

As you can see from the facts above, cannabis packaging is an important aspect of any cannabis brand.

Using outdated, poor quality, non-compliant cannabis packages can threaten not only the quality of your cannabis product but also your brand’s reputation.

Custom CBD product packages for CBD and cannabis products can help you increase your sales and differentiate yourself from your competitors.
Find the different types of cannabis packaging available for your product.

Cannabis flower package

Custom deodorant containers can have a significant impact on the success of cannabis flower marketing and packaging. Some growers differentiate themselves from their competitors by using smell proof containers made of custom wood, glass, and metal.

The shelf life of cannabis products depends on two factors: moisture and light. Therefore, the smellproof packaging must ensure ideal humidity levels and minimal sun exposure. Available in a variety of colors and sizes from 6 drums to 90 drums on Mylar and it is the perfect cannabis package for dry herbs.

Vaporizer and extract packaging

Each state has different laws regarding the packaging of cannabis and CBD products. For example, California cannabis packaging regulations require these products to be packaged in smell proof packaging before being placed on shelves or stored by clinic staff.

Edible packaging

The packaging of cannabis-infused candies and beverage edible products generally requires opaque packaging. This means that the product must be packaged or sealed in opaque packaging so that the contents cannot be seen without opening the product. Additionally, the cannabis label for these products should include warnings about the ingredients and potential allergens they may contain.

Cannabis product protection is a major motive for cannabis packaging.

Many brands invest heavily in design and undermine the functionality of cannabis packages. The main purpose of cannabis packaging is to protect the contents of the product. Follow the tips below to choose a cannabis Mylar bags for a high-performance package.

Sturdy material

Packaging materials must be robust and resistant to tampering. Cannabis products must be safe from natural elements and human error to remain strong and fresh. Different product types require different packages depending on the level of protection required.

Opaque and unobtrusive

In states that allow cannabis-infused food and beverages, the packaging of these cannabis products must be opaque and unobtrusive. You must also have a deodorizer.

Modulation resistance

Cannabis products must include some sort of safety seal to prevent tampering and tampering prior to purchase. Cannabis producers may use heat seals, shrink bands, or other types of safety features to help keep their products safe until they reach their final destination.

Resealable Packaging

Cannabis packaging must be airtight, untampered with, and scratch and tear-resistant. Non-disposable products should be packaged using resealable packaging options such as zip-lock bags, containers with lids, and sticky lids. Top-quality products like Mylar bags are a great way to store and transport marijuana products.

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