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Jamendo is a website that offers streaming music and review services. The site focuses on artists and albums and allows users to stream music and write reviews. It also has an online store for people to purchase their favorite songs and albums.


Jamendo is an open community of music lovers and artists. It features free downloads, streaming and licensing services. Users can upload and share their own music as well as songs they’ve found on the site.

With a catalog of over 500,000 tracks by over 40,000 artists from 150 countries, Jamendo is a good place to start looking for free music. They also offer publishing, licensing and promotional opportunities to their members.

The website allows users to search for music by genre, artist and album. You can find free downloads in MP3 (192kbit/s) and Ogg Vorbis.

Jamendo has a licensing service that acts as an intermediary between artists and third parties. This service generates fair revenue for artists. There are several factors that determine how much artists receive.


Jamendo is a community of independent musicians. The platform gives users the ability to share music, upload and download tracks, listen to music, and comment on their favorites.

Artists can publish and sell their works on the website. They can also use JAMENDO to make money. By using the website, artists can access a wide range of services that are free of charge.

Users can subscribe to Jamendo through Facebook, email, and username and password. The site is easy to navigate and offers a number of editing options. Moreover, Jamendo uses a P2P distribution system that allows users to listen to music without seeing ads.

In addition, Jamendo allows artists to remove content. It can also be used to create a podcast. This is a great way to tell the story of the music in a personal way, and build an intimate relationship with fans.

Music licenses

Jamendo is a free music website that provides an open platform for independent artists. It also gives them opportunities to earn money through their licensing services.

The Jamendo Licensing service is a platform that connects artists and brands with each other. This service can help artists to get their tracks licensed for use in online videos, television, and film.

For independent artists, it is not easy to allocate the resources necessary to sync with more established studios. To solve this problem, Jamendo introduced its sync-subscription service. Now, music creators can access high-quality tracks and eliminate the hassles of sync licensing.

The sync-subscription service provides a streamlined approach to music licensing. Subscribers can download a maximum of 50 track-ownership certificates per day. They can then use these songs in as many projects as they like.

Reviewing albums

Jamendo is an online music community that uses a non-commercial business model. It allows users to download free music, write reviews, and share it with others. By using Creative Commons licenses, artists can keep their rights intact and allow others to distribute their work legally.

The site features more than 150,000 music tracks. They are available in 220kbps Ogg Vorbis format, as well as 192kbps MP3s. You can even create your own playlists of your favorite songs.

You can sign up to Jamendo with a username or email address. Once you do, you can start browsing music by genre, country, or “best” category. In addition, you can add personal data, like your name, musical tastes, and music software. Also, you can star and unstar an artist or album.

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