Top-Notch Data Annotation Companies Providing Customized AI-Based Business Solutions

First, let’s understand what data annotation services typically are. It is the complex and technical process of labeling unstructured data for effectively training machine learning models of large organizations. This raw data can be in the form of text, images, audio clips and videos. Here, a computer or a machine is made to understand, identify, tag, label and segregate different data sets by various techniques. Thereafter, it is by generating meaningful information for the end-user or client that works with data on a daily basis. 

The techniques involved in a data labeling or annotation process are Bounding Boxes, Polygon Annotation, Image Segmentation, LIDAR Annotation, Semantic & Sentiment Analysis, Named Entity Recognition (NER), etc. Machines are trained to identify the semantics and sentiments of a speech through Natural Language Processing (NLP) technique, and also by accurately identifying objects by drawing lines or boundaries around it. Here in the UK, there’s a data annotation expert by the name of “Aya Data” that offers labeling services by using advanced tools, software and human skills for helping computers recognize images, texts and clips. You can definitely consult with their guys for your in-house project.

How to Choose an Experienced Data Annotation Company?

There are quite a few data annotation companies in the UK that offer high-end labeling services through video annotation, text annotation, audio annotation and image annotation. In fact, all of them offer customized solutions that guarantee the validation of any data annotation service. But, you need to choose one company that has excellent customer reviews on local business listing sites and directories, apart from 5-Star ratings. There are subject matter experts (SMEs) that have huge experience in areas like bounding boxes, key point annotation, LIDAR annotation, polygon annotation and semantic segmentation. 

Such data labeling services are required in industries that manufacture self-driving cars, drones, industrial robots, as well as in the agriculture, healthcare & finance industries. Mostly, it is in use in city traffic and law enforcement departments, wherein their computers are trained to identify moving and still objects like cars and other vehicles through bounding boxes and image segmentation. All these services are based around Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms that help identify and understand the underlying meaning of raw data sets and deliver them in a meaningful form to the end-user.

Data Annotation Services Coves Humongous Technical Aspects

Today, data annotation covers a gamut of services, including Polylines Annotation, Landmark Annotation, 3D Cuboid Annotation, Bounding Box Annotation, and more. They are mostly used in the healthcare, retail, warehousing, security, satellite imagery and product advertising industries. It is all about AI and machine learning initiatives that an organization implements, in order to improve upon its overall services by fine tuning its data labeling capabilities. 

For example in the healthcare segment, there are Medical Annotations through AI-based models that are used in departments like Radiology, CT Scans, Ultrasound & X-Rays. It is to flawlessly identify certain deformities in the body, by performing the most accurate image annotation. Similarly, in West African nations, organizations are benefitting through natural language processing (NLP) services by understanding customer sentiments that speak different languages and dialects. This is why it is recommended to hire only a specialist in data annotation services in the UK that has years of experience in this exclusive niche or domain, generating the best data sets for training machine learning models of major brands.

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