Things To Avoid Doing In Your Work Laptop.

Work laptops provided by a company are a wonderful way for our bosses to get us to work, sometimes even after office hours. However, it is also a good thing; we don’t have to spend money on the procurement of a laptop specifically designed for work. Yet, a lot of people like to do things with their work laptops, forgetting that everything can be used against them for termination from their job. In today’s age and time, it is not only about maintaining perfect composure and decorum in the office; it is also about how you behave on social media and after office hours. The work laptop helps you get office work done, but it also knows how you communicate with your fellow office worker. 866 Spectrum has adopted a much more balanced approach to its service priorities.

What are the things to avoid doing on your work laptop?

Downloading Pirated Content

We have all been there when it comes to downloading pirated content. It’s always the latest TV series to binge on, the latest superhero movie to watch from the comfort of one’s own house. However, these unauthorised downloads can have serious implications for your job. People have been fired for using a work laptop to download movies and games since it is held that one is using office materials to do illegal things.

Filling Up Job Profiles

Jobs are known to be very demanding and the current job that you have may not be the right fit for you. However, using a work laptop to search for other jobs and filling up your CV and distributing them in multiple job listings from the work laptop is a strict no-no. The IT department can very easily access your search history, both in real-time and after surveying your work laptop. After they find the necessary details, you might be scheduled to visit the Human Resource Department to explain your actions. Disciplinary action can be initiated against you, which may result in your termination from your current job without any references.

Social Media Browsing

Many companies frown upon the use of social media during work hours, unless you happen to be from their social media team. Using any form of social media website during office hours from your work laptop can result in your termination if that has been mentioned in your contract.

Also, commenting on the goings-on of the office on social media while you are in employment can be used to terminate you as well.

Visiting Unauthorised Websites

Unauthorised websites, which consist of mostly pirated content, gaming sites, and adult sites should not be visited via a work laptop. This is because these websites are the breeding ground for malware, viruses, and trojan horses, which can then make their way onto the company network and cripple the entire company’s server.

As you can see, a work laptop can be a boon for many and a bane for others. So, use a work laptop at your discretion, knowing fully well that one false move and you get terminated.

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