The Most Expensive Vograce Custom Dakimakura Body Pillows

Vograce has the perfect custom dakimakura body pillow to show your love for anime characters. These unique products are an excellent way to show your support and appreciation for these beloved characters.

Vograce takes great care to guarantee the quality of their products. This guarantees customers with long-lasting and comfortable items they can depend on for all their needs.

1. Dakimakura Keychain

Dakimakura are custom body pillow popular in Japan that feature characters from anime, manga and video games as designs. These make ideal gifts for fans of these shows or games.

Custom dakimakura are an excellent way to show your love and enthusiasm for favorite characters, while also adding a fun touch to your sleeping area. You have the freedom to select from various designs and themes so you’re sure to find one that perfectly expresses your individual style.

Another advantage of custom stickers is their affordability. In fact, they’re much less expensive than other methods of customization such as custom printing or embroidery.

Vograce custom body pillow stickers are an affordable and practical way to personalize your dakimakura pillow without breaking the bank. Plus, they’re easy to install and come in various designs and themes so anyone looking to enhance the aesthetic of their cushion can find just what they’re looking for.

Finally, these stickers are an excellent way to express your support for a character or series while also showing off your creative side.

Vograce offers dakimakura keychains in both wholesale and retail quantities. Crafted from soft plush or 2way material padded with PP cotton, they come in an array of shapes, sizes, and designs.

They offer a wide selection of filling materials to choose from, such as buckwheat hulls, shredded memory foam, polyester fiber and micro beads. Selecting the proper material for your dakimakura will ensure maximum comfort and support. It’s important to pick one that fits your height, sleep temperature and any preexisting health conditions you may have.

2. Dakimakura Pillow

When it comes to Vograce custom Dakimakura body pillows, there is no limit to what you can choose from. They come in an array of colors and designs that make them suitable for any bedroom decor.

These mattresses are crafted from comfortable materials to keep you cozy while sleeping. Furthermore, they promote side sleeping – a healthy sleeping position which reduces snoring and enhances your quality of sleep.

Dakimakura pillows are not only an excellent way to display your love of anime characters, but they can also serve as decorative pieces in your bedroom. Plus, it makes an ideal present for someone special in your life.

Dakimakura pillows come in several materials, such as cotton or memory foam. Both materials are breathable and soft to touch while being durable and providing plenty of support.

Another option is smooth knit. Crafted from 100% polyester, this material feels silky to touch and helps preserve the design or print on the fabric.

Fabric of this quality can be more costly than other materials, but it’s the ideal option for those seeking superior performance. Plus, it is easy to wash as it doesn’t stain or become dirty easily.

Vograce dakimakura body pillows offer customizable design options, allowing you to pick your favorite fabric and design for a one-of-a kind piece that will bring joy every time you use it. Plus, their excellent customer service ensures your new pillow will be of superior quality and just right for you.

3. Dakimakura Pillow Keychain

Snazzy design makes for an impressive product, and our hand made dakimakura pillows are no exception. They’re big and bold – perfect for any mantle, shelf or bedside table! Vograce carries many popular brands but our custom designs truly set us apart. Our high quality, low price and quick turnaround have won over customers, retailers and distributors alike – the best of the best don’t have to be reserved for only the wealthy and famous!

4. Dakimakura Throw Pillow

If you’re searching for an unforgettable gift idea, consider getting a custom dakimakura body pillow. These are tailored to fit your body perfectly and keep you cool during the night, providing a restful sleep experience.

These pillows come in an array of sizes and shapes, as well as various colors and materials. You can even have them personalized with your name or a special message – making them the perfect way to show your admiration for anime and manga series!

Another option is purchasing a dakimakura throw pillow, which is smaller than the body pillow and popular among anime and manga fans as they can be personalized with their favorite character’s image.

Furthermore, these pillows are easy to maintain and can serve as decoration in a bedroom. Furthermore, they may be beneficial for people suffering from back or neck aches.

Body pillows can be purchased online from a number of retailers. Vograce is one of the most popular choices, offering an extensive selection of designs and free shipping.

Custom dakimakura body pillows make for an excellent gift for anime or video game fans, and Vograce makes customizing yours simple with their wide range of design options. All you have to do is provide Vograce with some information about yourself and which character you would like your pillow to represent, and their team will work closely with you to ensure it fits perfectly.

Vograce offers a selection of fillings for their custom dakimakura body pillows, such as buckwheat hulls and polyester fiber. All are natural, healthy, and breathable so you’ll stay cool while sleeping. Plus they’re easy to clean and have a soft plush feel that is comfortable to sleep on.

5. Dakimakura Throw Pillow Keychain

Vograce custom dakimakura body pillow keychains come in an array of shapes, sizes and designs. Crafted from soft plush or 2way material with PP cotton padding for comfort to the touch, they come with a small bag for storage convenience. These beautiful items make ideal gifts or recurring purchases, with different colors to choose from to fit any home or office environment.


There is a minimum order requirement of 5 pieces, and the more pieces you purchase the greater discount you will receive. The dakimakura cover can be printed with any design, image or pattern you provide. It could be a full body picture, portrait, character profile or even both! For the complete set of accessories for dakimakura fans, pair it with either an oval throw pillow or nap throw pillow in any shape!

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