The Many Benefits Of Getting A New Mattress

Once you learn what you need to be looking for when buying a new mattress, it’s time to start looking at the benefits of getting one. This should make it much easier for you to spend the required amount to get a new one. Once you know the benefits, the price starts to look much more appealing. 

1. Reduce Pain

A brand-new mattress is something that can help with the chronic pain you might be experiencing. Your current mattress might be causing those aches and pains that you’ve been writing off as a part of getting older. If you have an older mattress that is uneven, it could be causing your spine to lay out of alignment. This can cause all kinds of issues with your body which can lead to aches and pain. Not only that, but unevenness can also lead to more pressure being placed on various areas throughout your body. By getting a new mattress with better and more even support, you will notice a decrease in pain almost right away. There was a study published by the Journal of the National Sleep Foundation that showed different mattress designs protected better spinal alignment and a reduction in pain. Within the study, it was found that medium-firm mattresses were the [most] optimal for providing proper spinal alignment and better sleep comfort. 

2. Fewer Pain Medications

One of the major benefits that you can get when you experience less pain from sleeping on your new mattress is having to take less pain medication to feel better. You won’t need to constantly seek pain relief because you are sleeping in a much more natural, supportive, and comfortable position. This can benefit your health as a whole. There was an article published in 2017 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information that showed that painkillers could have major side effects and lead to complications. To avoid these side effects, you would want to either limit the use of them or use them properly. This is especially true for anyone that has certain medical conditions. Because getting a new mattress could be your ticket to having less chronic pain in your back, neck, or shoulders – it could be a good way to enhance your overall health by not needing to take any harsh painkillers. 

3. More Energy

Believe it or not, sleeping on a comfortable mattress is going to end up helping improve the quality of your sleep. Sleeping on a new mattress is likely to make you feel much more rested when you wake up. Thus, you might be able to sleep for only 5 hours and feel like you slept for 7. This is a major benefit for anyone that typically gets poor quality sleep where they wake up feeling unrested. If you have a difficult time sleeping and/or waking up, this could be a major improvement that you notice immediately. 

4. Better Mood

Likely because you will be getting better sleep, you will also experience mood-enhancing benefits. A new mattress is likely to positively impact your mood. There’s a direct relationship between your quality of sleep and your mood according to an article published in Applied Ergonomics. The article, notes that having sleep disturbances leads to more irritability and negative effects on social interactions. Thus, it can be assumed that sleeping on a newer mattress with more support and better comfort will lead to improvements in your mood throughout the day.

5. Get Rid Of Harmful Exposure To Mold and Bacteria

Unfortunately, your mattress can accumulate all kinds of things on a nightly basis. This is especially true if you don’t have a topper or a mattress cover that you regularly wash. Throughout the night, you sweat and your body sheds dead skin. As a result, you end up inhaling a lot of bacteria, mold, dust mites, fungal spores, and more throughout the night. By getting a new mattress, you can immediately put yourself in a cleaner space that is less susceptible to exposure to these things.

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