The Common Mistakes to Avoid While Implementing Microsoft Dynamics365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an intelligent software tool that provides businesses of all sizes with in-depth insights, reporting, and smooth workflows.

But, there are two things you need to focus on to get a successful implementation project. First, you must choose a competent implementation partner that follows the best implementation practices and avoids common implementation mistakes.

Here, we will discuss the common implementation mistakes and ways to avoid them.

Over- Customization

With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, you can customize it to cater to your unique business needs.

But, you should utilize the customization functionality properly. If you do not, things can go wrong. As a result, you will not be able to use the software to its full potential.

If you over-customize the software, you will find it challenging to maintain and upgrade. So, it is a mistake that you need to avoid.

Moreover, over-customization limits the software to run new functionalities released by Microsoft.

Remember, the software has to be aligned with your company’s unique needs.

Suppose you run your business in the UAE. You need to choose one of the best Microsoft Dynamics ax partners UAE that can understand your requirements, construct a roadmap, and customize the solution to address your specific business goals.

Not Taking into Account Users’ Needs

The software comes with many valuable features. But, all features are not applicable for all users.

It often happens that many implementing partners ignore users. As a result, only certain users can effortlessly use the software. Unfortunately, other users perceive the software as very complicated.

Again, it is also a mistake, so avoid it.

Suppose your business is located in Saudi Arabia. You need to engage one of the best Microsoft Dynamics partners in Saudi Arabia.

Ensure that your implementing partner follows a role-based approach in implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365. And the partner needs to ensure that users have the unique specifications to use the system effectively.

Implementing Too Much at a One Go

If you believe that you can immediately resolve all your business challenges when implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, you are wrong. So, do not be under the notion.

If you implement too much at once, there arises the possibility of incurring high initial costs. In that case, it can become difficult to adapt quickly. Consequently, your employees will undergo fatigue, and they will not see any immediate advantages of using the software.

Remember, implementing Microsoft Dynamics365 should not be a linear process. Meaning your partner should configure from the ground up and release it all at once. Instead, they should implement system elements to achieve the most significant positive impact.

Automating Every Business Process

If you are excited about automation due to its benefits, you might like to automate your entire business process with the help of the software. But, again, it is also a mistake, so do not commit it.

Remember, automating every business process can result in unsatisfactory results. Moreover, if you automate the incorrect business processes, your business will not get any benefits.

Your partner should automate the processes that can elicit the most desirable results. However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the flexibility to make corrections after going live.

Ensure that your implementation partner follows a flexible and agile methodology to facilitate your organizational change. Furthermore, the partner should provide improvements even after the implementation process.


Your partner should deliver the implementation in small and well-defined phases for the implementation to be effective. Therefore, you need to have an overall vision and a well-defined road map before your partner starts implementing.

Moreover, it is a wrong idea to believe that your project is complete once the system goes live. You need to invest time and resources to impart post-implementation training to your employees.

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