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There are numerous ways to get viewers to your YouTube videos. You can promote your videos through YouTube suggested videos, which are displayed on the homepage. These videos are recommended by an algorithm that considers the user’s viewing history, search history, and engagement with your content. This method is best suited for larger YouTube channels and creators with many videos.

To make your videos more visible, try to target the keywords that viewers are most likely to search for. This will increase your chances of being discovered by viewers. Make your videos relevant to the keywords people type into YouTube search. This will help you increase the chances that viewers will come across your videos, which will help boost your SEO.

Another way to get more traffic to your videos is by optimizing the metadata and titles. YouTube and Google use this metadata to determine the subject of your videos, which is crucial for them to rank in search results. But remember, this method only works if you have quality content. If you create a video aimed at a specific topic, you should include several tags related to it.

Search is the second most important traffic source for youtube videos. When people type in the keywords they’re searching for, they’ll want to see your videos in the top three results, if not on the first page. Getting a good search ranking can make or break your business.

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