Stopping the onslaught of irrational thoughts

Our mindset plays an important role in how we perceive reality. When we are riddled with irrational thoughts, that are not often based on reality but are understood so due to our mindset, we tend to experience a lot of mental anguish.

People who have irrational thoughts often are very negative, as that is the tone their thoughts take.

Similarly, they also tend to have greater self-esteem issues and are into entertaining more self-deprecating thoughts.

Such negative mindset, especially when based from irrational thoughts has a grave impact on your mental health. Stress and overthinking can often contribute towards this condition, which may also then require help from a from a therapist, whom you can consult via

Irrational thinking is common in people suffering from mental health problems like anxiety disorder, panic disorder, depression, OCD, substance abuse, bipolar disorder etc.

Types of irrational thoughts

Before remedying the problem, understanding it is important. There are many forms in which irrational thoughts manifest. These include:


With this mindset, people tend to predicate the future, based on their faulty reasoning. Mostly, the predication is dire, and thus is aptly referred to catastrophizing.

This time of reasoning feeds the anxiety, making it grow as a result.


Mind-reading is another form of irrational thinking. In it, you start to perceive yourself as being judged by others, and often, that judgment comes with critique, even if people have given you no evidence otherwise.

You then tend to read the mind of people and beat yourself up over the complete fabrication. Mind-reading often involves projecting our own insecurities about ourselves on others.


In this type of irrational thinking, the saliant note is that of self-deprecation and self-flagellation. People think of themselves in absolute terms; they should have made it thus far etc. This then sets them for defeat, when they are unable to reach whatever lofty goals, they set for themselves. Self-defeat also makes them harder on themselves as well.

Dealing with irrational thoughts

If you think you are experiencing irrational thoughts, rather than worrying about it, remedy it. Here are somethings that can help you through this process:

Recognize the problem

The first step towards healing is accepting you have a problem. Similarly, with irrational thoughts, you first need to understand and accept that your thought process is faulty. It is debilitating you, rather than enabling you.

Once you understand them for what they are, do not beat yourself for having them. That’s counter intuitive. Simply, notice them, and take them for what they are, irrational thoughts.

Change your mindset

Changing the way you perceive the reality, and therefore shifting the perspective on your thoughts is imperative.

One way to grapple with this is by cataloging these thoughts. Take note of every such negative and irrational thought that you encounter.

Then, change the tone of these thoughts to something positive.

For example, if you think that your teacher hates you when they didn’t respond to your email, change it to something positive like they did not check their mail, they had some emergency, or they simply forgot to send in a reply. It is not because they have some problem with you, or they think of your query as something foolish.

Overtime, as you change and reframe your mindset, the way you start to think changes as well.


In certain cases, especially for those with underlying mental health problems, the solution lies with using medication. People with psychotic disorders require anti-psychotic drugs, whereas those with anxiety or panic disorders, different drugs like SSRIs can be considered.


In some cases, people might require the help of an expert, like the Best Psychologist in Karachi for they require cognitive behavioral therapy. It involves reshaping the way we perceive the world around us, so we are able to let go of the debilitating and irrational thoughts.

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