Red Shield Administration Lists Value of Vehicle Protection

Buying a brand new vehicle can make life convenient for the owner as they’ll move around quickly.
However, vehicle ownership also comes with many obligations. 

The owner must purchase auto insurance and service the vehicle regularly. If the vehicle develops a problem, the owner must spend money on repairs. In addition, vehicles need to be cleaned regularly and parked in a safe place. 

Red Shield Administration offers vehicle protection plans to make life easy for vehicle owners. These vehicle service contracts give drivers peace of mind because the service provider will take care of any repairs or maintenance services. 

Policyholders are also entitled to roadside assistance, towing services, and reimbursement for rental car hire costs, among other expenses that may be incurred due to the breakdown. 

Why it’s Essential to Have a Vehicle Protection Plan From Red Shield Administration

1. Fill Coverage Gaps

New vehicles usually come with a manufacturer warranty, covering most mechanical parts and some electrical parts. However, some components are usually not covered by manufacturer warranties.

This coverage gap can be sealed by purchasing a vehicle protection plan to cover components that have been left out of the manufacturer’s warranty. Secondly, auto insurance policies usually have exclusion clauses. These are liabilities that the insurer does not cover. 

Consumers should consider purchasing a suitable vehicle protection plan to plug this coverage gap. From the above explanation, it can be seen that the main reason for buying a vehicle protection plan is to fill coverage gaps. 

2. Fast Response Times

Since auto insurance policies and manufacturer warranties cover most vehicles, purchasing a vehicle protection plan may not make sense. However, the fact is that Red Shield Administration has a faster response time than insurance companies. 

The client only needs to submit a claim online or over the phone to respond instantly. In case of an emergency, the company will contact a representative to respond. The distressed client will also be given the representative’s phone number to facilitate communication. 

If the client needs roadside assistance, a tow truck will be dispatched to the client’s location to offer assistance. The client will also be provided with the contact details of a local rental car hire company to make it easy for them to rent a car and use it as they wait for their vehicle to be fixed. Red Shield Administration will reimburse the rental car hire cost. 

Firms that offer vehicle protection plans usually have fast response times, which is the key selling point of their contracts. While auto insurers may take numerous hours or days to process claims or offer assistance, Red Shield Administration responds immediately to emergency calls. 

3. Convenient Payments

 A picture of a person paying with tap to pay to show the convenience of Red Shield Administration's payment methods.

When a vehicle breaks down, the owner has to come up with a large sum of cash to pay for the repairs. Similarly, vehicle maintenance can be costly because engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, brake pads, and other vital parts must be replaced. 

Paying for a full maintenance service can cost you a lot of money. With vehicle protection plans from Red Shield Administration, you’ll be paying for repairs and maintenance services in multiple small installments, spread out over an extended period of time. 

This is convenient for most people. When the vehicle develops a fault, you’ll not be stressed in any way because Red Shield Administration will ensure the problem is sorted. 

4. Repair Shop Flexibility

Every vehicle owner has a preferred repair shop. Most people would prefer to continue using their repair shop even when they file a claim with their service provider. 

While other service providers usually force clients to visit certain repair shops, Red Shield Administration strives to offer improved repair shop flexibility. This means that clients may continue using their preferred repair shop. 

5. Coverage Flexibility

Vehicle protection plans are meant to fill coverage gaps. Unfortunately, some service providers offer packages that may cover items covered either by the client’s auto insurance or their manufacturer warranty. 

To avoid creating redundancies in coverage, Red Shield Administration offers greater flexibility in coverage. Clients can choose what they want to be covered and leave out everything else already covered by their manufacturer’s warranty or insurance policy. That is why the company can offer competitive rates. 

It is important to note that manufacturer warranties usually have a lifespan of three to five years. When the warranty expires, the vehicle owner will be left exposed to a variety of risks. 

The owner should consider purchasing a vehicle protection plan from Red Shield Administration to fill this vast coverage gap. This will give them peace of mind when driving on public roads. 

It may seem costly to pay the monthly installments, but machines usually break down, so the owner will simply be taking proactive measures to ensure they don’t incur a huge cost of repairs, part replacement, or vehicle maintenance. 

It is crucial to note that it’s challenging to fill every coverage gap effectively, so vehicle owners should always keep this in mind. That said, vehicle protection plans from Red Shield Administration are an excellent investment that can give consumers peace of mind. 

To avoid getting disappointed when filing a claim, consumers should make sure they read the terms and conditions of their contracts to ensure they know exactly what is covered and what is not.

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