Muhammad Essa – the best scorer in the history of Pakistan’s national team

The Pakistan national team is a team that does not often succeed at world or continental level. However, there are almost always some interesting players in the line-up. For now, you can try online betting Pakistan on 1xBet, do not miss the opportunity to earn on every match of the national team. 

If we talk about the main legends of the Pakistani team, Muhammad Essa should be mentioned among the first. He is the top scorer in the history of the national team. The forward has 11 accurate shots under his belt. Someone may say that it is not so much, but given the closed style of the team’s game, it is quite a decent figure.

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As for Essa, his debut in the national team was in 2000. At that time, the forward was only 17 years old. Despite such a young age, the player quickly entered the starting lineup.

Essa has always been appreciated for his speed and endurance. By the way, it is easy to follow Pakistan’s matches now at The forward’s career there also ended quite early. He played his last match in 2009, when he was only 26. Constant injuries did not allow him to give 100%.

Essa was the central figure in Pakistan’s attacks. His partners regularly created chances for him. Yes, the striker hasn’t played in the national team for a long time, but you can follow all its matches on 1xBet. Don’t be afraid to give your opinion and you will definitely break a big score.

What were Essa’s strengths?

Muhammad was noticeably stronger than all of his competitors. Therefore, he was an unqualified player in the starting lineup.

The forward regularly paid for the confidence with accurate shots.

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Returning to Essa’s record, it is possible to note that he set it thanks to:

  1. A well-placed shot. The forward scored many of his goals with shots from outside the penalty area.
  2. Quite good speed. It was no problem for the forward to dribble past defenders and get away from them.
  3. The style of play of the team. Partners regularly created scoring chances for him. Thanks to this, the forward was always able to demonstrate his strong qualities on the field.

In this way, Muhammad wrote his name in the history of the national team. By the way, now bookmaker 1xBet organizes live stream of each team match. Thanks to this, you can keep your hand on the pulse and make profitable bets. Yes, Essa finished his career in the national team long ago, but now there are some new promising scorers in the lineup. 

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