Monthly Dog Hygiene: To-Do List

Isn’t it a relaxing experience when your furry friend jumps over after you return from your office? Furry pets are like your family members who are an inseparable part of your life. Moreover, having a dog as a pet is an adorable and heart-warming feeling for pet parents! They love you unconditionally & wholeheartedly.

Routine health checkups and vaccinations are essential but insufficient to maintain track of your pooch’s health. However, as a pet parent, you must understand and follow hygienic routines to keep your dog healthy and disease-free. These small but crucial practices keep your dog not only happy and healthy but also significantly reduce the unnecessary trips to the vet!

The following is a handy checklist to keep an eye on your dog’s hygiene.

  • The Dog’s Dental Hygiene Matters

When it comes to canine dental care, brushing your dog’s teeth is the most important thing you can do as a pet parent. Remember, brushing your dog’s teeth with the same toothpaste you use for yourself is not advisable. You can consult a pet vet hospital or DCC Animal Hospital to take advice from an animal doctor about the best dental products for your furry friend.

  • Never Skip Exercise

Your dog needs to exercise daily. Consult your veterinarian and plan a regular workout routine for their dog. Swimming, running, or simply playing fetch with them are all alternatives. The amount of exercise required depends entirely on the dog’s age and how much he/she can withstand. You can also contact DCC Animal Hospital & Petcare for Pet Activity Service; they offer custom-designed activity options to fit each pet’s lifestyle.

  • Grooming your furry friends!

Your four-legged pals may detest bathing, but that is no excuse to keep them out of the bathtub. Bathing or grooming your pooch keeps ticks and worms away from infesting their coats and bodies. It would be best if you opt for a grooming session at DCC Animal Hospital for bathing your companion. The grooming attendants are highly trained and use gentle selected dog/cat shampoos recommended by vets to preserve the natural oils nourishing their skin and coat.

  • Routine Veterinary Care

Routine checkups, also known as wellness exams, can help your cat or dog live a long and healthy life. Curious about what happens during a routine checkup?

Your veterinarian reviews your pet’s medical history and asks you if you have any specific questions or concerns about your canine’s health. Following this, your veterinarian conducts a physical checkup of your pooch.

DCC Animal Hospital: Healing Hands for Paws.

The monthly hygiene to-do list for pets can benefit a busy dog owner. A routine checkup with vets is crucial for your dog or cat. You can contact DCC Animal Hospital to schedule the next routine wellness exam with their professional vets today. They are determined to offer your furry ball the preventative care they need and deserve. So what’s the hold? Visit a veterinary doctor in Delhi for your pooch’s well-being.

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