Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya transforming Indian culture of handmade gold jewelry

Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya transforming Indian culture of handmade gold jewelry

Mohit Kamboj, KBJ Bullion & Jewelry is a renowned name in the gems and jewelry industry. Owing to his visionary approach and innovative thinking, he is acknowledged as an expert in the industry and is also the President of the Indian Bullion and Jewelry Association.

Taking forward the legacy of his grandfather Shri Banwarilal Kamboj, has given a new direction to the decades-old family business. Continuing the core principles and ethics of work, as formulated by his grandfather, today Mohit stands strong in the industry as an innovative leader who has not left the art behind in the race of commercialization.

It is under the able leadership of Mohit Kamboj that the KBJ Bullion & Jewelry, a part of the KBJ Group has made a strong mark in the Indian and global gems and jewelry market. The brand focuses on creating a perfect amalgamation of ethnic designs and modern cuts. Every piece of handmade gold jewelry at KBJ Bullion & Jewelry is a piece of art that speaks volumes about the Indian culture and religious ethnicities.

Mohit Kamboj has been born and brought up in a culture where he was taught to value his culture and country. This is the reason why he never commercialized any of his business to an extent that it violated any law or regulations in the country. Additionally, he ensured that all his business ventures focused on the development of society and Indian culture. Hence, while various gems and jewelry brands focused on developing new designs developed with machinery, Mohit ensured that his company focused on developing the age-old art of handmade gold jewelry.

It is his love for his culture and art that the ethnicity of handmade Indian jewelry is still alive through the beautifully crafted designs at KBJ Bullion & Jewelry. While several gems and jewelry brands moved to machine-enabled jewelry designs, Mohit ensured that he and his brand still works on the primitive methods of jewelry designing so that the art form does not die. Apart from developing handmade gold jewelry, Mohit also focuses on developing strategies to revive old jewelry designs. It is under his supervision that the primitive designs are given a new life.

KBJ Group: Jewelry, Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment, and Education

Apart from this, he also focuses on carrying out various CSR activities to help the community grow. The KBJ Group holds numerous ventures under one umbrella, and these are all managed under the able leadership of Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya. One key objective of all the umbrella brands is to serve the nation and the community and help the country progress towards a better future.

Mohit is also focused on working for the preservation of the environment and so has ventured into the production of ethanol by setting up a plant in Bihar. This will also help in generating more employment for the people in the region.

Where there is a will, there is a way! From handmade jewelry to the production of ethanol, Mohit’s journey is a learning for each one of us.

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