Legacy Application Modernization Services

Legacy App Modernization lets you combine the power of old business ventures with modern-day technology and software programs to create an effective platform.

They help companies modernize their legacy programs by updating their IT stacks to maintain business goals and improvements. Their endless modernization services assure security, scalability, reliability, agility and increase the effectiveness of your business venture. Implement legacy app modernization for enterprises.

Legacy application migration offerings

Platform migration assessment

They screen the performance and configuration of all the strolling servers and examine data. They provide you with tips for transferring a workload that will help you make clever migration choices.

Platform re-layout and architecture

They help you move your monolithic software’s database to the cloud without affecting its onsite characteristic. They re-platform software to beautify its competence inside the real-international environment.

Business process simplification and automation

They help you simplify your operations to obtain higher effects by automating repetitive and time-eating tactics with tailored Business Process Automation answers.

Solution re-engineering

They have a look at, examine and regulate your current programs to rebuild and put into effect via opposite engineering, documentation, restructuring, translation, and forward engineering.

Application Modernization Services

They promote applications in the cloud from the modern-day computing environment; they can also be public, private, or hybrid. It gives extra flexibility, agility and helps in rapid innovation. With our software modernization proposal, they support companies:

  • Convert legacy programs to trendy technology
  • Establish new structures for better commercial enterprise standards
  • Use the stack of today’s era
  • Benefit from recent platforms for superior function and versatility

Internet or cellular app from the desktop app

Utilizing the power of sophisticated gear and technology, they transfer your agency programs to state-of-the-art JavaScript libraries on modern-day systems. They help you increase your web presence through the intuitive consumer interface and inspire the right person.

What are the steps to speed up software development?

The frameworks on SDLC rapid application development methodology four steps in a quick application improvement cycle include:

  • Determine work requirements;
  • Prototype
  • Rapid production and response collection; And.
  • Finalize product/implementation.

What is Rapid Application Development (RAD)?

In rapid application development, developers can immediately do multiple repetitions and updates to the software without starting a development schedule from scratch each time.

Benefits of rad development model that comes into existence when developers realize the traditional enduring waterfall model of development was not very effective. A significant drawback of the Waterfall model is that once the program goes into the testing phase, it becomes difficult to change the core functions and features of the software. It leaves you with software that may or may not match your growing needs.

What is custom internet software?

Customize your enterprise web application framework apps are complex, now not to be had “out of the field,” and are designed to capture, manner, and store facts. The price ticket stock information might be connected to the app, and clients can without problems make bills and acquire their tickets without leaving the website.


Open source rapid application development software platform Jmix (formerly called CUBA Platform) offers robust, complete stack architecture alongside RAD gear for smooth start and rapid development of modern-day business net programs on Java and Kotlin.


Based on Spring Boot, Jmix introduces a better-stage API both for backend and frontend, facilitating faster improvement of enterprise programs.

Custom software modernization

They improve your enterprise sports’ overall performance, visibility, and management by upgrading, rewriting, and ancient software structures. They help you rearrange critical gear and systems, including existing and destination business priorities.

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