How to voodoo someone into loving you

Those telling how to voodoo someone into loving you barely pay attention to the key aspect of any branch of magic, specifically what needs to be done if many side-effects occur in voodoo. Perhaps, you don’t know what we’re talking about. So let us explain it to you. Magic retribution (repercussions, side-effects) is when magic (to be more precise, its energy charge) fails to break through the target’s energy and karmic protection shell and comes back to you carrying exactly what you wished on that person. Since this charge can’t make you fall in love with yourself or feel attracted to yourself, it transforms into something completely different upon arrival. For example, it can lead to a serious disease, loss of hearing and vision, insanity, as well as affect your body organs.

If you are still in a dilemma regarding the efficacy of voodoo love, professional advice from expert enchanters would be far better than any random person expressing their uncertain opinions. So, let’s see why supreme Spellcaster Maxim himself has positioned voodoo spells for love all before other enchantments.

Today, when a lot of people meditate and do spiritual practices, it’s not too difficult to meet someone whose energy shell is too strong for magic. Even if someone’s not practicing Buddhism or yoga or other disciplines for energy purification and strengthening, they can be just good people with good karma which also prevents magic from entering their subtle bodies, conscious mind and soul. What should you do then? Let’s talk about it now.​

Voodoo spells to make someone fall in love with you

Magical retribution is dangerous regardless of the spell which triggers it. However, when it results from voodoo spells to make someone fall in love with you, it’s twice as dangerous. Most spells we found on the Internet are based on engaging evil spirits. The spirit is programmed to accomplish a certain task and then sent to the target. Then a battle occurs between the spirit and the target. As a rule, the target doesn’t even realize what’s going on and only finds themselves feeling strange or experiencing something usual but on an unusual scale. Signs of such a battle include:

  • Swings between high and low energy states;
  • Sharp physical pain which begins without any obvious cause and goes away on its own as well;
  • Extreme fatigue and somnolence;
  • Dizziness and blurry vision;
  • Nightmares;
  • Sudden suicidal thoughts;
  • Panic attacks and other fears;
  • Depression (including chronic one);
  • Loss of interest in life;
  • Low self-esteem.

All these symptoms experienced by a person after putting voodoo on someone to fall in love are always temporary. If a spirit is unable to break through the protection barrier, it gives up and leaves this person alone. If it manages to break thought it, it eases its grip because it doesn’t want the target to realize what’s happening and, secondly, to prevent energy depletion in the target. It wants to devour energy slowly to have access to food until it serves you.​

If a voodoo spirit fails to break in the target’s subtle bodies, it doesn’t go away but comes back to you. This is when you may feel one or more of the above symptoms. The spirit comes to get what’s owed to it, which is energy. It’ll take what’s his whether or not it’s helped you. It needs energy to satisfy its hunger and to come back to where it came from. Usually it’s quite easy for spirits to break through a beginning magic practitioner’s energy protection, especially since most of them are weak and they rarely take any precautions, so they’re usually completely unprepared for spirit attacks.

It’s not too difficult to protect oneself against magic attacks and retribution. To this end, you need to:

Firstly, accumulate enough energy to not feel weak after the ritual;

Secondly, buy a magic protection amulet (it’s a must for all magic practitioners);

Thirdly, learn some protective spells;

Fourthly, have their fortune told before the ritual to know what will happen after and if it’s capable of breaking through the target’s protective shell.

Voodoo to make someone fall in love with you

We want to tell you how to use voodoo to make someone fall in love with you without engaging a voodoo spirit. You should count only on your energy and the love you have in your heart. If you don’t have enough energy and your love isn’t strong enough, the ritual won’t bring the desired result. But that’s not bad, considering one great advantage of this approach – in case of failure, no spirit will come to you looking for food. Your energy and karma will stay intact, and karma is extremely important for your overall happiness and well-being.

This spell is cast in the summertime. Unfortunately, that’s what makes it hard. In Africa where bees are up all years round, this ritual can be performed any time throughout the year, which is not the case for most other countries though.

Take a picture in which you look happy. It should be taken not more than three months prior to the date of the ritual. On a sunny day open the window and put the picture on the outer side of the windowsill and put something heavy on the bottom right corner to make sure it won’t fall or be blown away with the wind. You can put anything unless it’s made of metal. The bottom right corner is considered the “working” corner in all pictures used in magic rituals. So always take pictures by this corner while using them in your rituals.​

Put three tablespoons of natural honey in the middle of the picture and close the window. Now watch. The honey will attract some bees soon. You will see them even if you think bees don’t live in your area. When the bees start eating the honey, open the window carefully and take one of the bees by its wings. Make sure it doesn’t sting you. When bees sting people or animals, they die, and a dead bee will be useless to you. Put the bee in a box and close it. Bring the box close to your lips and say:

“Little bee, I’m asking you like a sister. Be my messenger. Go to (the target’s name) and give him my love. Let him take it, put it in his heart, and keep it there forever. My love will become a spark to start a big fire of his love for me (your name). Do as I ask and I’ll set you free.”

Bring the box to your loved one’s house. Do it shortly after saying the voodoo text. Distract the target’s attention by, for example, asking him to bring you some water. When you’re alone, set the bee free. When the target comes back with a glass of water, ask him to let the bee out. Make sure the target:

  • a) Doesn’t kill it;
  • b) Takes it by the wings like you did;
  • c) Lets it out carefully without doing any harm to the bee.

The spell – powerful and lasting – will be put on him the moment he touches the bee.

voodoo spells to make someone love you

Some voodoo spells to make someone love you are put on moonlight. One of them requires a lot of courage. Go to a forest spring at night (the moon should be new). You should find a spring in advance to know where to go, rather than try to find a spring on the spot in the middle of the night. When you see a new moon in the sky, bend over the spring to see its reflection. Scoop some water with a jar as if to scoop the moon. Close the jar with a lid tightly and bring it home.

Then in the evening before you go see the target, take the jar out, come up to the window, look at the moonlight through the jar, and repeat thrice, “Please share your power!” Then go to the bathroom, pour some water in your hand, wash your face, and say,

“You (the target’s name) will love me (your name) like everyone loves the moon. You’ll wait for me like your salvation from loneliness like the moon is waited for like salvation from darkness. Without me, you (the target’s name) will stay in the darkness, feeling cold and sad. With me, you’ll be warm, joyful and happy. You’ll see me tomorrow, along with the powerful moon and the power of my love, and my wish will come true.”

Don’t use a towel to dry your face but let the air dry it. The next day go see your loved one and remember about your powerful magic spell and the fact that now you can impact your loved one with your gentle words, smiles and actions. Don’t tell him about your feelings though! You mustn’t be the first to declare your love. Be patient and wait for the target to tell you he loves you. It should happen about 10 days after you wash your face with the moonlight water for the first time.

There is a simpler way to cast this spell though. Put a bowl with cold water out under the moonlight and scoop some water as described above. It’s an easier way to use voodoo to make someone love you, yet the results aren’t as great. If you’re ready to take risk with a decreased chance of success, do it. However, we suggest you still go to a forest and bring some spring water. Just remember that you should go there alone as this spell doesn’t allow for any third party involvement.

how to do voodoo love spells on someone

Speaking of how to do voodoo love spells on someone, we can’t help mentioning the rituals performed with a voodoo doll. Voodoo dolls have been very popular lately, but only as a cute souvenir. A lot of people keep voodoo dolls at home just because they like the way they look, but it’s a big mistake. Voodoo dolls are designed to store energy, positive and negative. Even if your voodoo doll is just a toy which has nothing to do with magic, eventually it will develop some magical powers. It falls under an egregor’s power and either you or the egregor or some evil spirits fill will it with energy. So if you have a voodoo doll, get rid of it immediately even if you’ve never used it in voodoo rituals.

Voodoo magic practitioners know that self-made voodoo dolls are more effective than dolls purchased at a store. When you make a voodoo doll for yourself, no matter how simple the doll is, you put your parental energy into it. As a result, you’ll be able to influence the person represented by the doll like a mother can influence her child – his mood, thoughts, and even health – throughout the child’s life.

Some people claim the doll should be baptized according the Catholic ritual and give it the name of the person represented by it. However, beginning magic practitioners shouldn’t do it. Such rituals should be performed only by authorized spellcasters. As for you, just hold the doll in your hands for a while, warm it with your energy, and visualize the target. If you do everything properly, it will be eough to connect the doll to the target’s chakras.

On our blog we’ve already told you how to make a doll using textile, tree twigs, dough, and playdough. We will tell you about other materials you can make a voodoo doll from in one of our upcoming articles. Perhaps, you already know a lot about it. Either way, there are dozens of descriptions of voodoo rituals – performed with or without a voodoo doll – published on our website. So we believe that we’ve kept the promise we made at the beginning of this article. If you like it and want to know more about it, read some other articles too, as they contain a lot of useful information about voodoo and other branches of magic. If you are still interested in learning more about voodoo binding love spells then we suggest you go to Spellcaster Maxim’s website
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