How to use a waterproof cover for your garden furniture

The waterproof garden furniture cover is a great addition to your seating, whilst also helping to protect it from the elements. These covers are waterproof so any wet weather stays out. The waterproof covers for garden furniture have an elastic hem that can be pulled over the legs of the chair, ensuring that nothing gets underneath them. They are easy to put on and take off, meaning you don’t have to struggle even when the wind picks up. They are designed in such a way that they adapt perfectly with your normal outdoor setting, meaning that they stay in place throughout even if there’s some rain or wind about.

Leave them on all year round and keep your chairs looking good for longer!

We brought our new table and chairs home on Saturday, the weather was lovely so we put it all out in the garden. The great thing about our garden is that it gets lots of sun, which is why we chose to buy white patio furniture for it!

However, this also meant that Sunday came along and although not raining there were some very dark clouds. Our waterproof covers allowed us to sit outside right up until dinner time when I decided to bring them all inside before any rain started pouring down!

How did you protect your waterproof cover while using it?

I didn’t use anything particular to keep the waterproof cover free from dirty marks but if I had then I would have used an old cushion or two. They are easy enough to wash if they get dirty.

We bought waterproof covers for our patio furniture and we used them all day on Sunday when the sun was shining and then we put them away in storage until we will need them again, which is hopefully at some point very soon! I love having a garden so I can sit outside and enjoy it whatever the weather is doing. If you do too, why not buy waterproof covers for your outdoor furniture? They would also make a great gift to give someone special.


What waterproof cover do you recommend?

Our waterproof covers for garden furniture are a great choice. They’re easy to put on and take off, waterproof and they stay in place even when it’s windy or raining. Plus they fit perfectly provided you have a standard size of furniture!

How long does the waterproof cover last if it is going to be left outside all year round?

The waterproof outdoor chair covers last for around 3-4 months if they are being left outside all year round. How often can I use my waterproof outdoor chair covers? Once again the waterproof outdoor chair covers need to be used about once every 3-4 months depending on how much rain there has been at your location during that time period.

Who would buy waterproof outdoor furniture covers?

People who like to sit outside in the garden no matter what the weather is doing will definitely benefit from waterproof outdoor furniture covers. They’re also really good for keeping your patio furniture clean and for prolonging its life, which can only be a bonus! What kind of waterproof fabric do waterproof outdoor chair covers come in? The waterproof fabric used by our waterproof outdoor chair covers is breathable and allows air to pass through, meaning that no damp conditions are caused underneath them by trapped moisture. This assists in prolonging the life of your patio furniture.


As you can see waterproof covers for garden furniture are a great way to protect your furniture from all kinds of weather while also ensuring that it stays in good condition. These waterproof outdoor chair covers have elastic hems and therefore adapt perfectly with standard size considerations, meaning they fit snugly and stay in place no matter what the weather or wind conditions.

The waterproof fabric used is breathable, which means that moisture is not trapped underneath them and therefore ensures that there aren’t any damp conditions underneath the waterproof cover. This helps to prolong the life of your patio furniture.

So why not buy waterproof covers for your outdoor furniture today? You’ll be happy to know that these products come with a full 12 month guarantee upon purchase too!

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