How to Source a Good Solar Heater for the Best Price in Kenya

Solar powered equipment have become widely sought after in Kenya. This is due to the accruing benefits of their use.

The main advantages include; the reliable nature of solar power and cost efficiency. Users are safe-guarded from the hustle associated with power outages as well as the fluctuating nature of power tariffs.

This article expressly discusses the process of finding a good solar heater for a value equivalent price.


Solar heaters come in a variety of types based on size, functionality and brand. To make a preferable selection as a buyer, you ought to understand your home needs and your budget constraints. While bearing these in mind, you can embark on the sourcing process for a heater that meets your requirements.

Functionality and effectiveness of the heater should be an accurate measure of price-worthiness.

Product awareness

While embarking on the sourcing journey, it is important for you to understand what makes a good solar heater. This is in regard to its main features and how they work. Some of the key parts of a solar heater are the solar collectors, storage tanks, heat transfer fluids and heat exchangers. Understanding these key parts and their functionalities informs your decision on the price-worthiness of the solar heater.


As earlier mentioned, it is imperative to be aware of your home needs. For instance; does all the water used in your home require heating? How is the plumbing system in your house set up? By making these considerations, you are able to ascertain the compatibility of the solar heater you are reviewing, with your home plumbing system needs. The varying needs of different home plumbing systems contribute largely to the differences in solar heater prices in Kenya.

Brand reputation

As established above, there is a variety of solar heaters in Kenya; all of which tend to differ in prices. The difference in prices is often attributed to materials used in production. While the variety may pose a challenge in selection of a good heater, reviews by customers of the different brand products can be instrumental in determining the price worthiness of a heater.  Reviews range from durability as well as efficiency.

Budget constraint

Upon review of all the important features and functional aspects of a good solar heater, it is only prudent to go for one that is within your predetermined budget. It is also wise to be aware of how well within it is to prevailing market prices. It is however imprudent to base value on price alone. Value is largely a product of benefits accrued from utility of the product. It is in getting a product efficient in service, durable and with minimal affiliated maintenance costs.

Sourcing a good heater for the best price is a fairly quick process when you are equipped with the right information as a buyer. Such information can be acquired through sufficient market research and comprehension of your utility needs. For more, check

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