How Do I Patent Lawyers for Design in New York?

How do I patent a design in New York? This article will discuss the process, cost, and requirements for a design patent. In addition, you’ll learn how to find a patent lawyers for designs in NY. Up Counsel is an online legal marketplace with attorneys who have graduated from Yale or Harvard Law School and have an average of 14 years of experience. For more information, please contact Rich Goldstein.

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Rich Goldstein of the law firm Goldstein Patent Law started his career more than two decades ago and has since helped thousands of clients secure patents and other IP rights. His work has earned him the respect of the American Bar Association, which asked him to write a consumer guide for patenting products. Rich Goldstein started his own practice right out of law school and has built it from scratch. He has a passion for helping clients and making the patenting process as easy as possible for everyone.

Today, he joins the Quiet Light Podcast to discuss the importance of trademarks and patents for your business. He explains how to protect your business from being copied, as well as how to mitigate risk and maximize value when exiting your business. Patents and trademarks also protect your brand, so competitors can’t take away your market share and devalue your business. Rich Goldstein of Goldstein Patent Law discusses all of these topics and more in this episode.Latest Website magazineview

As an attorney with extensive experience in intellectual property litigation, Rich Goldstein focuses on educating clients about patents and IP. He also helps entrepreneurs and startups navigate the world of patents and IP. He created a popular 6-part video series on the process of patenting, which has received over 10,000 views. The videos clearly explain how patents work and what risks they present. He explains how to protect your business in a way that makes sense to his clients.

Cost of a design patent

The costs of a design patent are relatively low. Applicants must pay an application fee of $560. Additionally, there are examination and search fees. For small and micro entities, the fees are reduced to one-fourth or half of the fee. Although design patents do not have maintenance fees, they are still valid until they expire. This can help prevent any doubt regarding the validity of a design patent. The application fee is due when the design patent is filed, so if you think you’ll need to file for maintenance, you can choose to pay an additional $50.

If your design patent is protected, you may be able to charge others for using it. However, the cost is higher than that of a utility patent. If your design is based on another person’s patent, you’ll need to notify the patent attorney to see if it infringes on that person’s design. If so, you’ll be able to collect damages from the infringer.

A design patent will allow you to restrict the use of your design for 15 years. It will also prevent others from copying your design or product. The patent holder can also sue those who copy their design. It’s also possible to get an injunction against those who copy your design. But how much is a design patent worth? The cost depends on the complexity of your design. If you’re not sure whether you’re eligible for one, it’s best to consult a patent attorney before deciding on which type of design patent to pursue.

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Requirements for obtaining a design patent

The application for a design patent must contain seven figures illustrating the unique features of the design. They should include a front, back, isometric (3D) view, top, bottom, and side views. Additional figures can show the movement of a product or alternate positions. These drawings are not permitted to be photographs, although mechanical drawings can be used. An experienced draftsman can convert a mechanical drawing into the proper format.

To apply for a design patent in New York, you must submit an application for a design patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). There are several stages in this process. The fees vary depending on the size of the entity filing the application. A small entity, or “micro-entity,” is defined as a business that has five or fewer employees and has no more than four patent applications.


Obtaining a design patent is not a cheap process. Before you submit an application, you must perform a patent search to determine whether someone else has already obtained patent rights in the design. While the search is primarily conducted to identify existing patents for similar designs, it can be done for free using public databases. A patent search firm or a patent attorney can conduct a search on your behalf and charge you between $300 and $1000. The cost is generally rolled into the total fee of the design patent application.

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