Four Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roller Mill in Kenya

Having a roller mill is advantageous because they gride different types of grains. They are highly effective thus, giving efficient energy. They have survived several years in the milling industry because of their effectiveness.

There are different types of roller mill prices in kenya; it will all depend on the functions. Further, it will all depend on whether it is for business or farm use.

A Roller mill is a grinding machine that reduces the size of the grain to a fine product. Roller mill prices in Kenya conduct several functions including, grooving, flaking, and grinding.

Many farmers prefer roller mills because they have more advantages than other mills in the milling industry.

There are some factors you need to check out before getting roller mill price in kenya.

These are the factors that will help your working with the machine be comfortable and sustainable.

The crucial factors that matter a lot are the size of the roller mill, the engine capacity, engine efficacy, the supplier, and the price of the roller mill.

Size of the Roller Mill

When choosing a roller mill price in Kenya, you need to have an idea of the size of the machine you need. The size depends on what you want to do with the machine. If you are of small-scale farming, the size needs to be smaller than that of large-scale farming or a trading enterprise.

The volume of production you need per day will tell the kind of machine you need.

Engine Capacity and Size

It is crucial to consider engine capacity and size depending on the output you require per day. The Engine capacity of the roller mill price in Kenya has to go hand in hand with the performance you prefer.

If you are on a small-scale farm, the engine capacity size should be small. It will be able to perform and give the required productions. It will be a waste to buy a large roller mill with a small engine capacity.

Therefore, a roller mill with the required engine capacity can give positive results.

Choose a roller machine that will give the variety of performance you require.

Energy Efficiency of the Machine

When choosing a roller mill, check on energy efficiency to avoid losses. Energy efficiency is preferred by those doing commercial enterprise. Buying a machine that will consume more than it brings back is not worthy. Therefore, it is crucial to check the roller machine with high efficiency to saving power, thus reducing the running cost.

Best Supplier

It is not a matter of just purchasing a roller mill for your business or farm; there is a need for collaboration with your supplier to help you choose a machine that caters to your needs. It is suitable to enquire the best supplier with quality machines and with best prices.

It is necessary to have a supplier that is reliable in case of troubleshooting. Purchasing a roller mill is an expensive investment; therefore, there is a need for cooperation with the supplier is crucial. The supplier will advise on how to operate the machine for best achievements.


The roller mill price in kenya has a lot of advantages. They have less noise and dust during operation. They generate uniform grain particle sizes. Therefore, choosing the ideal machine will have good production and profit for commercial enterprises. It is suitable to consult before purchasing a roller mill machine to get a quality machine and at the best price.

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