Five Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Car Washing Machine In Kenya

A car washing machine is an equipment used in cleaning of cars. It is mostly sought by people who are in car wash business or those who wish to begin the business. The following article focuses on the factors to consider before buying a car washing machine in Kenya and its features which the buyer should be aware of before purchasing one.

In Kenya many people are car owners. Car washing business has become popular as well since the demand of car washing services has increased.

To run a car business you need location, people for labour, source of water and above all washing machine. Car washing machine ensures you wash as many cars as possible as well as leaving your customers satisfied.

There are many types of machine found in the market. The prices of these machines depend on a number of factors. Some of the things you should consider before purchasing your machine include.


The price of pressure washer depends on the features and the functions the machine can perform. The more functions a machine can carry out the better the services it will provide. When getting a car washing machine you should therefore check the features of each machine before settling on one. You can inquire about the features from your supplier or read the description of the machine. It is the only way you will know about the features

Type of fuel

When buying a car washing machine it is important to consider the type of fuel the machine uses. Ensure you can afford the expenses that will go into fuel. The car washing machine price in Kenya is determined by the energy the machine consumes. You sound therefore go for a machine that will perform efficiently with less fuel. This will help improve your profit margins


Durability ensures the machine last longer hence giving you maximum service. Get a car wash machine that is made from quality materials. This will ensure you don’t use a lot of money in repairs or replacement. Also check whether the machine has got any warranty and period offered.

Start up Capital

Before buying a car washing machine it is good to consider the money you wish to spend and also your budget. There are variety of machines going at different prices. You should consider getting one that meets your needs and at the same time, the budget.

Portable and Storage

Most car washing machines have got wheels which make them portable and easy to move around. Ensure the machine you buy is portable.

Also ensure you have storage space for your machine where it can be kept after use.


Any time you wish to purchase a High Pressure Car wash machine, it is important to consider the above factors. That way you will make the right decision in the machine you want. There are other factor to consider but to be sure inquire from your supplier on the one that suits you. Also check the type, size and brand. Car washing machine has got a lot of benefit and as well you require the best.

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