Factors to Consider while Purchasing the Spray Paint Machine

A spray paint machine is a device that facilitates the spraying of liquids.Sprayers are used to enhance the projection of the sprays like water, crop chemicals, chemicals used to kill weeds, pesticides, and other chemicals used in manufacturing and production industries.

This article discusses the major factors that buyers should consider while purchasing this machine. It will also give an overview of how to select to meet your needs.

Price-The buyer should consider the amount he wants to spend on buying the machine. One ought to work within his budget to avoid inconveniences.

Motor-One should go for the motor that will work effectively even during different times of the weather.

Durability-The sprayer should be strong enough to avoid breaking easily while in use. Durability should be the key factor especially when there are alot of paintings to be done.

Pressure Settings-The spray painting machine should have a super setting to enhance the painting of the small details. It should also have a coarse setting to facilitate the spraying of the more extensive areas.

Tank Volume- The tank should have enough volume to hold enough paints especially when you have long projects to paint.

Nozzle Type- This depends on the control you want to have while painting. Nozzles come in different sizes so you need to choose which nozzle is right for you.

Air Volume Settings-One ought to choose the volume that is right for him because different settings give different controls.

Trigger type-The triggers come in different types. Some are heavy, others light while others are lighter but they have bigger triggers to help in spraying faster.

Hose length and attachments-The hose have different lengths and attachments. To choose the right one the buyer should consider the range that he will be painting.

Different types of spray paint machines

Airless Paint Sprayer-This is the best type of spray paint machine price in Kenya according to the current market.

Compressed Air Sprayers-They are also one of the best sprayers in the current market. The airless sprayers have been improved into this.They use compressed air unlike other paint sprayers which uses a pump.

HVLP Paint Sprayer- They help in saving money since it uses few parts hence making them the most durable types in the market especially for people who don’t want to spend on paint sprayer in order to keep it running.

Automated Linear Spraying Machines-They are used to fasten the spraying on wood products.They are most helpful while spraying flat surfaces and materials that are not more than 10cm.

Electric Fan Spray-This machine is used in the combination of paint and the air. It is also used in the conversion of paint into droplets.

Different Types of Paint

Different types of paints are used differently according to their features;

Oil painting- Oil paint is durable and affordable. They normally use white lead as the base, and are mainly applied on the finish coat, primer, and undercoat.

Enamel Paint- This paint is a result of mixing zinc or lead to vanish.

To achieve several varieties, pigments are added. Enamel paints are waterproof and chemical-resistant hence offering color retention.

Emulsion Paint-This are either water or oil-based. To achieve the color of choice pigments are used. They dry very fast and harden easily. This paint is commonly used in the interior parts of a building.

Cement Paint- They are commonly available in powder form.

To achieve the paint consistency one has to mix the powder with water. It might also contain pigments and some addictive.


The spray used contains harmful compounds that can cause health hazards hence the user should always use protective gear while spraying the paint. Users are also advised to purchase paints that contain a low composition of substances that can expose them to health hazards.

To wrap up, paints come in many varieties and they are usually used to boost the visual appeal and protect the surfaces from pests, and also for chemical protection. Different paints are designed to perform different purposes. Prices for paint machines will also depend on various factors for example the region, features, and agreement between the buyer and the seller.

To sum up, paints bring aesthetic value to buildings.

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