Factors to consider when purchasing an electric motor – 2021 Guide

An electric motor is a machine that converts electricity into magnetic power that carries out powerful functions. A motor, like any other machine, is expensive to maintain. Its maintenance cost may be up to five times higher than that of the purchasing price.

Therefore, getting your money’s worth is the most vital aspect of any purchase, including this one.

In light of this, the following are some of the factors that require consideration before the purchase;


Different machines run on different volts of power. Some require very high voltage and some require a lower voltage. Moreover, it is important to consider whether or not you want a motor that runs on battery power.

It is also important to consider whether you have access to a wall socket or do you require a device to access the required machine voltage.


It is important to determine whether or not you’d like to purchase a motor that runs on a fixed speed. There are also those that run on arange of speeds. These speeds can be set according to preference.


Some machines run on  high frequency needing much more power. There are also those that run a lower frequency and may require less power.


It is important to consider whether the machine that you intend to buy runs on how much power. It is vital to consider whether the machine will run on maximum power allthe time or is there running power. Moreover, it is also good to consider whether the machine of intended purchase will run on the power provided without wasting it.

Easily, power is one of the dominating factors that influence electric motor prices in Kenya.

Duty cycle

Some machines run continuously. These are usually adapted with an internal cooling mechanism that ensures that they run continuously without the need to cool down due to overheating. However, there are those that run intermittently and in short bursts.

They tend to overheat but may also run on low power thereby negating wastefulness.


This refers to a rotating force produced by a motor’s crankshaft. The more torque the machine produces, the greater its ability to perform work. It is important to factor in the torque that your motor requires.

Life cycle

This refers to how long your motor is expected to function. It is important to purchase a motor that is covered under a warranty as this reducesyour chances of incurringany losses. It is also of import to choose a motorthat won’t wear easily.


In conclusion, there are multiple factors to consider before the purchase of an electric motor in order to reduce the chances of incurring losses.

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