Factors Affecting the Prices of Marine Board in Kenya

Choosing the right construction material is the first and most important step in completing a successful construction project. Marine board is one of the many construction materials that you can use in your project. There are numerous reasons why marine board should be considered as a construction material. The following are the advantages of using a marine board instead of other plywoods;

1. They are long lasting

Marine boards are more durable than traditional plywoods because they’re made of hardwoods, which are stronger and are stud to weight and pressure that makes them difficult to break, so they can’t be compared to traditional softwood plywoods. Most conventional plywoods only have three layers, however marine boats have five layers cemented togetherusing glue. Because marine boards are coated with a smooth surface that is firmly attached, they are impervious to water and humidity in the air, allowing them to survive longer.

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2. Strength

Marine boards are made of hardwoods, which are stronger than any other plywood. These hardwoods are also glued together with high-quality glue.

A gap is also left between each layer to guarantee that the glue completely binds the two layers and prevents them from coming apart.
In addition, the number of layers in marine board has increased from the three layers found in standard plywoods to five layers.

3. Reliability

This article examines the benefits of using marine plywoods as well as the elements that influence their pricing in Kenya. The variance in quality is an extra benefit because it caters to various client preferences and cost affordability.

Marine boards are expensive as compared to other plywoods because they are of high quality.

Marine board prices in Kenya vary depending on the following factors.

4. The standard

The price of a marine board varies based on the quality of the board. Grade A is the greatest quality and thus the most expensive, whilst Grade D is the lowest grade and thus the least expensive.

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Place Location

Depending on their cost of production, different marine board sellers charge different prices for their products. The buying distance is also important because the larger the distance, the higher the cost of delivering them to your construction site. There are sellers who provide counterfeit goods and this when buying you should be keen and this is where we chip in as we will serve you providing the correct marine boards at a good price.


Depending on the manufacturer, marine boats can have varying thicknesses. Some manufacturers make boards with up to five layers, while others make boards with fewer layers. The more layers a marine board had, the greater the quality and, consequently, the price, and the less layers, the lower the price.

If you want marine board for building, they are available in the Kenyan market. Sellers provide a variety of marine boards in a variety of quality and pricing ranges to fit your needs. The marine board plywoods are of great quality and are reasonably priced. They are sold at both the wholesale and retail levels.

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