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Search Results is another piece of Facebook real estate that recently went up for sale. Now, you can pay to promote any Facebook page, app, or other entity, within the “type-ahead” results on Facebook search. But if you’re picturing keyword-targeted ads modeled on Google AdWords, think again. Instead of paying to appear in response to particular search queries, with Facebook Sponsored Results you’re paying for more visibility and control within the type-ahead results as they would normally be generated.

Plus, you can bid for any Facebook entity—including those of your competitors.

My own explorations on the site revealed some clever strategies: Searched for “Obama” and a Sponsored Result for Mitt Romney appeared Searched for “Nike” and a Sponsored Result of EA’s John Madden NFL Football game app was displayed Searched for “Fidelity” and Scottrade appeared According to Facebook, “Your ad will appear when the targeted entity appears in the search results.”

The ad appears under a “Sponsored” banner. You can write up to 70 characters of ad copy, and you can also customize your landing destination somewhat, such as specifying a particular tab on your page.

Sponsored Results ads can employ all the audience targeting and bid management available to Facebook Marketplace and Sponsored Stories ads.

Pricing is CPC or CPM. How do you create a Sponsored Results ad?

Currently, you cannot create Sponsored Results ads in the Ads Manager interface. You must use either Power Editor or the Ads API.

Using the API data feed, you pass an ad type field of 31 to identify an ad as a Sponsored Result.

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