Dog Health Care Tips

You may be taking care of your dog’s food and exercise, but other general care aspects are necessary to keep your dog healthy for a long time. We want our dogs to live healthy and a happy life. Here are some important dog health care tips to help your dog ​​feel healthy and happy according to San Francisco’s Best Dog Walker

1. Touch your dog’s nose

The nose of your dog should feel wet. Moisture levels vary between dogs, but a healthy dog’s nose will be slightly wet and cool as to cool down; dogs sweat from their noses.

2. Don’t overfeed

In the US, dogs more than 50 percent are obese, and the percentage is growing. Obese dogs are at high risk of heart disease, metabolic abnormalities, weakened immune systems, arthritis, and other health-related problems.

They can’t play, run, or do other activities as much as they want. Be kind to your pets and feed them the right amount prescribed by the vet, and when they ask for more, don’t give them anything.

3. First aid kit

You need to be prepared with everything as emergencies and accidents happen. So being a responsible pet owner to help your dog, you must have first aid kit of pets. Having a first aid kit is particularly crucial if you take your dog out for camping or hiking. A pet first aid kit is a must-have for every responsible dog ​​parent.

4. Vet appointments

Allow experts to examine your dog regularly and screen for various health problems, and provide you with personalized information which is important for your healthy dog.

5. Brush the teeth

To avoid costly dental treatment and maintain the overall healing of your dog, brushing your dog’s teeth is crucial. You must add it to the daily routine of dog care. It is important to use specially made dog toothpaste. With training and effort, brushing a dog’s teeth daily can be a fun activity.

6. Pet insurance

Unexpected illnesses and accidents often cost from $800 – $1,500. Emergencies can cost more, so one-third of pets need emergency care each year. Pet insurance helps cover the expenses of long-term health conditions, prescription medications, and more.

7. Play with purpose

When you have a puppy, and he is growing into a dog, deliberately play with his ears, feet, and mouth by touching their toes, feet, and nails. You will make them used to be touched, and it will help you at nail trim time.

8. Emergency plan

Anything can happen to you; it is important to have a plan for your dog. Enlist important information about the food of your dog, including how much food he is given, how often he is fed, lifestyle, medicines, the contact number of the vet, etc. Give it to your family or friend who can take care of your dog in an emergency. Ensure you have at least one or two people close to you who can help with your dog’s brief notice.


Here are some important dog health care tips for your healthy dog, including don’t overfeed, touching your dog’s nose to see if it is wet, having a pet first aid kit, taking regular vet appointments, brushing the dog’s teeth, having a pet insurance and emergency plan.

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