Common Garage Door Problems

It’s almost 10 at night and you have just returned from a Sunday picnic; the whole day’s tiredness has made your kids sleep on the way back in the car itself. Your legs and back hurt, the whole day was spent running after your 5-year-old in the park.

You take a right turn and here comes your home, in front of you. But but but – your garage gate is jammed! Now you will have to get out of the car and open the large and heavy gate manually, instead of just pressing a button.

Irritating, right? But this could have been avoided if you took proper care of your garage door, and repaired it whenever the need was.

To avoid a situation like this, you must know what common garage door problems are; some of which are as follows:

Noisy door

A noisy door is a big irritation. But more than that, this minor inconvenience can cause major damage to your garage door, if it is ignored for too long. Different kinds of noises mean different kinds of problems.

It can be because of a minor problem such as rusting or a lack of lubrication. These problems ought to be solved at the basic levels, or else they might turn into bigger problems later.

Frozen door

If you live in a place where the temperatures dip below zero degrees celsius, the problem of frozen doors will be very common for you. The main problem is the jamming of various big and small parts of the gate due to extreme temperatures. This can cause more serious problems.

The springs

Springs are the most important part of a garage door and need constant oiling and lubrication. Even small damage to a small spring anywhere in the door can cause malfunctioning of the whole door. So it becomes important to take care of even such small parts of the garage door.

Technical problems

A garage door that opens automatically has a lot of technology involved in it. At times, there are eye censors, fingerprint scanners etcetera installed at the entrance to enhance safety and security. In other kinds of garage doors, there is a remote controller that has a button for locking and unlocking the door. In either of the cases, if the scanner or the remote control is damaged, or is not working, you will have to look for professional help.


A garage door serves a dual purpose; it provides a safe parking place for your car, but on top of that it also provides extra space to keep things that no longer have a place inside your home, that is, you can also use it as a storeroom to some extent.

Not just this, a garage door might also serve as a way for burglars to enter your house, and thus the safety concerns are at a higher stake.

When the garage door holds such significance, it becomes your duty to take good care of it. You can contact garage door repair Fredericksburg VA.

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