Chillums And Why They Are So Perfect for Travel

While many people enjoy smoking their favorite blends out of their regular bongs and water pipes, it isn’t always easy to travel with such a bulky device. Cue in the chillum. Chillums are small, light, and easily concealable, making them ideal for any smoker who loves to travel.

Chillums were originally used by the Rastafarian movement as an alternative to the larger and

more cumbersome bongs and pipes they had been using. Since then, they’ve spread all over the world and have taken on a few different names in various regions—puff tubes in New Zealand, mullers in Jamaica, and straight shooters in America.

This handy smoking device is the perfect size for traveling and can help ensure that you always have something to smoke when you are away from home. If you are planning on traveling soon but you want to be able to smoke your favorite weed strains, it may be time to invest in a chillum. Here’s everything you need to know about the chillum and where you can find them.

What is a chillum?

A chillum is a type of smoking pipe that has a straight, cone-shaped bowl and is of unclear origin. It is usually used for consuming opium and cannabis. The spiritual men of India, known as Sadhus, including Hindu monks from the Himalayan area, are credited with being the first people to use them. It is unknown for certain who was the first person to use them, although the first evidence of their usage goes back to the 17th century. In point of fact, the popular phrase “boom Shankar” originates due to the use of a chillum, in which spiritual men could very well raise the tubing to their faces upon lighting it in order to summon Lord Vishnu and all the other Gods to participate in the enjoyment of one‘s bountiful hash with them. This practice gave rise to the popular phrase “boom Shankar.”


In the 1960s, stoners in the West popularized the use of the chillum as a smoking device. This was primarily due to the fact that it had spiritual significance, in addition to the classic usage of the chillum, which consisted of passing the pipe around a group of users sitting in a circle. When smoking, this helped generate a sense of togetherness and family for hippies in the 1960s, and as a result, it was a vital piece of equipment for groups of friends. As a result of this, chillums continue to enjoy a high level of popularity among people who smoke of that generation, despite the fact that they have experienced somewhat of a decline in popularity among younger crowds as a result of the glut of smoking paraphernalia that is currently available on the market. This, however, is gradually changing, and so the chillum is now once more experiencing a comeback in favor.

The advantages of using the chillum

The impact that the chillum produces is another factor that contributes to the item’s widespread popularity. The use of a chillum produces a highly unique sensation, despite the fact that its construction is quite simple, particularly when contrasted with more contemporary pipes and bongs, etc. Its size and form make it possible for smoke to be accumulated in enormous quantities while also allowing for a quick reduction in the temperature of the smoke that is produced. Because of this, the experience is far more pleasant, and the high is much more intense than it would be if a traditional pipe were utilized. Additionally, the larger the size of the chillum, the more significant the influence it has on the smoke.

How to pack a chillum

The packing of a chilli is a simple process. To begin with, any dry herbs that you want to smoke need to be ground up using an herb grinder. This is because smoking tiny, compact nugs is less effective than smoking larger, less dense nugs since the surface of the dense nug will burn much more quickly than the inside. You want to put the ground herbs into the wide end of the chilli in a somewhat gentle manner. If you pack it too firmly, it may be difficult to obtain a good draw after the cigarette has been lit. In most cases, simply gently load it until the dry herb fits within the pipe in a way that is comfortable for you.

Why chillums are perfect for travelling.

As more individuals search for the most efficient method to smoke, the use of one-hitter pipes has become more common. Because it is so lightweight, a chillum enables its user to carry less while maximizing the effect of each stroke. This results in a more robust and powerful high, while at the same time preserving your resources by needing fewer with each pack. It is crucial to keep in mind that when there is no fuel, there is no way to regulate the airflow, and your dried plants will remain burning as long as there are material leftovers.

Chillums are sometimes referred to as one-hitters due to their small size and portability, although they are really designed to provide more than a single shot and are simple to repack. Both the appearance and the purpose of chillums are up for interpretation. Some chillums are designed to be discreet by resembling a tobacco cigar, whereas others take the shape of a necklace and serve the purpose of being an accessory. A chillum pipe may be used by anybody, regardless of their degree of skill, who is looking for a means to consume the dry plants and tobacco in a quick and convenient manner.


Whether you’re going on a cross-country road trip or taking a quick jaunt to the next state over, chillums are the perfect travel companion. They’re small and easy to pack, plus they don’t require any water or other materials to use. And when you’re done with your cigarette, just toss the chillum away — no muss, no fuss. So next time you’re planning a trip, make sure to bring along a chillum or two. You won’t regret it!

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