Buying Or Selling A Car In Kyiv And Ukraine

Acquiring or selling a vehicle in Kyiv and Ukraine can be an involved process that necessitates several considerations from both an organizational and legal perspective. If you want to sell your car urgently without any issue visit

1. Legality

Legality of car purchases or sales in Kyiv and Ukraine should be of great concern for any prospective foreigner. Each transaction starts with signing a contract and registration with a notary office.

After selecting their property, buyers are responsible for making a full payment through a Ukrainian company that acquires funds from abroad.

Typically, in Ukraine the purchase price of real estate purchased for personal purposes does not attract taxes; however, if purchased for business use such as renting, resale, or being the location for an office of a company then taxes may apply.

Due to all of the bureaucratic red tape that surrounds this process, it may be difficult to navigate successfully on your own. Therefore, it is wiser to seek the assistance of an experienced solicitor/legal advisor as this will allow you to avoid unnecessary complications and make the entire experience less cumbersome.

2. Finance

Purchase or sale of a car requires significant financial commitment in Kyiv and Ukraine. Finding an appropriate dealer, paying registration/deregistration fees, as well as various mandatory payments must all be covered by an offer made to purchase or sell a car.

When purchasing a car for longer than two months, registration with the State Automobile Inspection of Ukraine and paying excise duty and value added tax are both mandatory. Furthermore, additional mandatory charges must also be met in terms of taxes on import.

As this process requires time, money and nerves, selecting a trustworthy partner is essential. Our Motor Scout team can assist with purchasing a car in Ukraine as well as fulfilling any other required tasks so you don’t need to worry about anything!

Ukraine’s economy continues to experience difficulties, yet a gradual recovery can be expected. Meanwhile, the Red Cross has provided rapid relief supplies as well as cash and voucher assistance for people in need.

3. Insurance

Insurance is a financial product sold by insurance companies to safeguard you and your property against loss, damage or theft. There are different kinds of policies, each designed for specific uses or meaning.

Before purchasing or selling a car in Kyiv and Ukraine, it is crucial that you have appropriate insurance in place – such as motor, building, life or travel policies.

As either an individual or business, it is wise to secure the services of an experienced agent or distributor in Ukraine who can offer local representation. They will help guide your operations as you navigate the challenges inherent in doing business there.

Legal and administrative concerns regarding vehicle purchase/sale can arise, making a reliable partner an essential asset. Motor Scout’s team of specialists are located throughout the nation and will help guide your buying or selling experience from start to finish.

4. Registration

If you are an expatriate living outside Ukraine and have brought their vehicle from home to Ukraine, registration in their system can be time consuming and complex.

Ukraine’s customs code allows non-residents to import vehicles for up to one year for personal use in Ukraine. During that time period, non-residents have access to use their vehicle freely within its designated time period.

Non-residents importing a car for more than 30 days must register it with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and obtain a temporary registration card from it; failing which, they will incur a fine.

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