Bottled Water Vs Tap Water – 8 Points To Consider

In the past couple of years, consumption of bottled water has massively grown and the reason is that bottled water is always considered to be a better, safer, and healthier alternative compared to tap water. In fact, every person in the USA usually drinks 114 liters of packaged water bottle per year. But because of environmental concerns as well as other health concerns, some people have begun to wonder whether tap water or bottled water is better. The article also shows the comparison between bottled and tap water.

The good and bad about tap water

Tap water, which is also known as municipal water is accumulated from lakes, wells, reservoirs, and rivers. This water usually passes with the help of a treatment plant before it is piped into businesses and homes. While the contamination of drinking water is a massive issue in many regions, tap water is usually considered convenient, safe, and environmentally friendly.

  • Tap water tastes the same as bottled water. In fact, some people who have been blind tested on the same were unable to test the difference. Tap water also has a similar taste to bottled water.
  • Before the water could reach your home, water could be stored in a facility that goes through many processes that remove contaminants. During the process of disinfection, the chemicals could be used to kill microbes against germs.

Following these steps will help you utilize the energy and chemicals, which could lead to a major impact. Not just that, the effects of the environment and what it has on tap water can be much less bottled. Apart from that, tap water doesn’t need any plastic or other containers that are found in landfills.

The good and bad about bottled water

Bottled water comes from many sources. A few of them comprise tap water that has been bottled while a few others also use the spring water for other sources. The bottled water coming from underground sources also features labels that have been approved by the FDA like mineral water, well water, spring, and artesian water.

While a few people believe that bottled water is much safer has great-tasting and has many concerns which surround this environment.

Taste Differences

Several people also differentiate between tap water and bottled water using taste tests. Since bottled water’s taste differs greatly depending on the packaging as well as water sources. For example, mineral water has a very distinct flavor depending on the levels and types of minerals present.

So which one is better? Bottle or tap water?

To be honest, tap water is regulated by EPA whereas bottled water is overseen by the FDA. The FDA happens to be quite strict when it comes to meeting quality measurements.

First and foremost, they use sanitary conditions to ensure the correct processing, storage, bottling, and transport of the products. Second, they protect the water from various contaminants like chemicals and bacteria. Third, it also implements quality control to protect against microbial and chemical contaminants. It is essential that you test and sample the water sources along with the contaminant’s final products. In other words, it is generally safe compared to tap water that doesn’t include so many rounds of testing.

Also, another major factor that needs to be considered is that bottled water is very convenient and easily accessible. You can find a 200 ml water bottle almost anywhere and it wont cost you much. Bottled water also contains minerals in plenty that ensures your health and well-being

So that brings us to the end of the post! What do you think? Which one is a better alternative? Tap or bottled water? Let us know in the comments.

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