BBQs 2U Presents Different Accessories for KamadoSpace

Customers looking for KamadoSpace accessories have the convenience of buying them from BBQs 2U which offers 5 different products for KamadoSpace Cabinets or Islands. Designed and created in the UK, KamadoSpace is a prefabricated outdoor table that is perfectly adapted to all the popular Kamado grills. BBQs 2U, one of the leading retailers of Kamado Joe, Napoleon barbecue, MasterBuilt BBQs, and Ooni Pizza Oven.

The small family business has been selling barbecues since 2002 and they are quite passionate about the barbecues. They share their great deal of knowledge with customers to provide the best quality barbecues and accessories at the most affordable prices while also providing the best after-sales support. Their team of BBQ experts is always available to help their customers with whatsoever queries related to barbecues.

Whether it is about the barbecue and grilling accessories or the Pizza ovens, BBQs 2U has it all. Customers looking for making quick and authentic pizzas at home can grab the Ooni Pizza Oven sale at BBQs 2U, which would allow them to become the ultimate pizza chef at home.

BBQs 2U offers the recommended accessories for KamadoSpace like the covers for covering the KamadoSpace table and the stretcher for easily lifting heaving grills.

KamadoSpace Infinite Island Cover and Infinite Island XL Extreme Acrylic Cover

The cover protects KamadoSpace Cabinet or Infinite Island from rain and UV sun rays. It is made of a breathable fabric, American Sunbrella that is resistant to water, snow, and UV rays and is designed for use in extreme weather conditions.

The fabric provides proper air circulation and does not allow moisture to enter. Since the fabric quality is resistant to mould, rain, snow UV rays, and fading, it is perfect for protecting the KamadoSpace Cabinet. Even after heavy rain, the fabric dries in a few minutes. This is why the fabric is being used for yachts, boats, and other water transport equipment.

It protects the metal components of the KamadoSpace table when not in use so that it remains free of rust as the cover prevents rainwater to enter the drawers. There is no moisture accumulation due to which the drawer fronts will look for many years.

KamadoSpace Infinite Island Cover and KamadoSpace Infinite Island XL Light Polyester Cover –

The KamadoSpace Light Cover is made of OXFORD fabric that is woven with polyester fabric and coated with polyurethane. The fabric is strong, sturdy, breathable, and absorbs moisture that protects the KamadoSpace table when not in use.

KamadoSpace Stretcher

The KamadoSpace stretcher made of solid oak wood is used for lifting barbecue with ease. The adjustable construction facilitates loading 21 inches to 30 inches diameter of heavy Kamado grills into KamadoSpace grill tables and even helps with lifting the grills into carts.

Visit and follow the family business on Twitter for updates on the latest grill accessories, tools, and Ooni pizza oven deals. Whether buying grilling accessories or the Ooni Pizza oven from the best Pizza Oven company, BBQs 2U is the only place to get these at the best rates.

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