Apps That Improve Productivity for Lawyers

The traditional ways of conducting business has changed over the years, especially with the evolving technology we are introduced to in this day and age. The days of being chained to a desk simply don’t apply anymore. When you have a very powerful computer in your pocket in the form of a smartphone, much of your work can be done from anywhere.

In terms of the legal profession, how much do you get out of your phone? Not only can you maximize your billable hours and client service by improving your availability using cloud-based legal technology, but you can also access your business anywhere. There’s many mobile apps that have been developed specifically to assist law firms in achieving their objectives on the go.

Apps For Attorneys That Make An Impact

Your smartphone or tablet may help you organize your daily tasks if you utilize them creatively. This applies to both Apple or Android users, as there are a plethora of legal apps available to help you create a strong infrastructure that will enable you to operate remotely.

We broke down some of the most popular apps on the market for a legal professional. Some of them were created with attorneys in mind, while others just work well in the legal field. However, regardless of who they are geared toward, these applications will assist any lawyer in increasing their productivity. These apps will help you, whether you’re a personal injury attorney nyc or a car accident lawyer in New Jersey.

All of these legal apps are available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play app store now.


The Evernote app has been a pioneer in the profession of legal services, due to its user-friendly interface and the ability to take notes or recorded audio in a variety of formats on the go. The Evernote app allows you to take, save, and organize written notes with your camera. If needed, you can also take a picture with your phone and modify it by cropping (if needed) and send it directly from your smartphone.

The scanning feature is beneficial as well, in that you can eliminate annoying creases in papers if you need to scan documents or convert business cards into organized contacts on your devices.

Using these features, whether it be saving receipts, searching for a contact or referencing notes you’ve made, you’ll save a lot of time.


OneNote is another excellent note-taking tool for attorneys who work in a Microsoft Office environment. It houses everything you’ll need for your cases in one convenient location that is saved in the cloud.


Content is consumed at an ever-increasing rate these days, thanks to the rise of social media. Nonetheless, attorneys need real-time information for research and marketing, competition analysis, and other purposes. What is the solution to this problem? To build a meaningful knowledge base, you’ll need a technology that allows you to filter out irrelevant information.

You can automate how you monitor both your content and any shared content on social media with an app called Feedly, ensuring that you never miss a case or social media’s trending topics. Organize your material into streams, use tags to highlight new articles, and easily share them across all social media platforms with ease.


Dictate+Connect is the updated version of the original app of choice for attorneys, previously called the dictaphone. The Dictate+Connect app turns your tablet into a device for dictation that can be connected with a Clio account. Any testimonies or other audio can be recorded and synced so that you can analyze evidence later.


As more and more people work remotely around the world, an option to store your data in the cloud has become that much more necessary. Storing data online allows you to access your files from anywhere and OneDrive is an option we recommend. It’s built-in integration with Microsoft Office makes it an important app for attorneys who work in a Microsoft environment. Furthermore, like with other popular apps, it safeguards your data.


Another document storing mobile app for attorneys is Box. For enterprise-level accounts, it has in-document searching, so you can locate what you need quickly. To keep your documents safe, Box employs encryption and other security techniques.


Everyone knows Dropbox. It stores documents or files online and allows you to share with others with ease. For attorneys, cloud storage is a necessity and Dropbox has a proven record. It features a user-friendly interface and secures documents using rigorous security standards, allowing you to effortlessly respect your customers’ privacy.

Google Drive

Cloud storage has made up a lot of our app choices, but you cannot name apps in this category without Google Drive. It has a direct connection with Google Docs, allowing you to edit all of your documents without having to open any other applications. It’s also safe, much like the other top apps for attorneys on our list and is easily shareable with others.

As a result, you can be certain that any document you need for your case will never be compromised.


If you just need to write things down the old-fashioned way, Penultimate is a useful app for you. It allows you to store your handwritten notes digitally.

With Penultimate, you can still take notes by hand and sync them with Evernote syncs with Penultimate. It even analyzes your handwriting and allows you to search inside the text within the program. Now, that’s cool.

PDF Expert

Another popular option for examining and annotating documents is PDF Expert. You may sync documents from various sources, including Dropbox or Google Drive, to keep all of your changes organized.


Messaging tool Slack is becoming more popular at legal offices. Slack works with a variety of other legal apps or online services, and allows for time-consuming legal tasks to be automated like research, for example.

You can also set up a separate Slack room via an RSS feed that allows case stakeholders and other legal professionals to discuss new citations to a case. This will streamline things and help you save on the legal research process.


When running a firm, you need a management system and Clio is the solution many practices use. It is a cloud-based system that enables you to run your business from anywhere. You may access your customer data securely, remotely, and at any time using the app.

With Clio, you can monitor time, see client information, create new issues and contacts, and more.

It also connects with a number of other popular legal apps on this list, allowing you to manage your whole business from one location.

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