Air Conditioning Myths You Should Ignore

Air conditioners help you tolerate scorching weather that would otherwise make you uncomfortable or sick. Unfortunately, not all people benefit from proper cooling and they need to spend thousands of dollars every year for air conditioning repair in Cal City, CA.

How can this happen? There is one reason—homeowners think they know how everything works and what causes high energy bills. But it’s actually totally different!

Here are the myths about air conditioners you should stop believing:

Bigger Air Conditioners are Always Better

If you are looking for a new A/C, you should consider buying a smaller one that can suffice for your needs. Bigger air conditioners may cool down your space fast, but they do no good to your energy costs and the system’s condition. You may enjoy quick cooling when you arrive home from work, but your pocket will suffer in the long run. High cooling bills and expensive air conditioning repair in Cal City, CA are simply not worth it.

Air Conditioners Make You Sick

Most homeowners (maybe including you) believe that staying in a cold environment gives them sniffles. This means their air conditioner is the one they blame when they get sick. Unfortunately, it’s not!

Cold and flu can be caused by viruses, and not by the temperature. You can avoid getting sick indoors by installing IAQ products or calling your HVAC company to inspect your IAQ.

Air Filters Should be Replaced Once a Year Only

Filters are an important part of your air conditioning system. They collect the dust and dirt that make their way into your air ducts. This is a necessary process because it prevents them from clogging up, which can cause severe damage to your unit and health over time. However, you should know that the air filters will need to be replaced once every three months—and not once a year. Replacing the filter regularly helps your system work efficiently while avoiding air conditioning repair in Cal City, CA.

It’s Fine to Install the Thermostat Anywhere

In many households, the thermostat is installed where it can be easily accessed by everyone. Because of that, they are often moved around according to convenience and comfort.

However, the placement of your device impacts A/C efficiency and its function. Ideally, your thermostat should be located in a shady place away from direct sunlight or anywhere far from heat-emitting appliances. Don’t also hide it! Your contractor can help find a perfect spot where the thermostat should be mounted.

A/Cs Don’t Need Maintenance As Long As They Provide Cool Air

Not true! The air conditioner is often the main source of comfort while summer arrives. However, it runs around the clock throughout the year to keep you cool and comfortable. With continuous operation, its parts may experience wear and tear, which might become major problems when left untreated.

Thus, your A/C requires regular maintenance, whether or not it works fine. If you live in Riverside, check out for a list of the best AC repair and maintenance companies in your area.The service is quite important for its efficient performance. When you neglect the upkeep, you might have to suffer poor comfort, costly utility bills and air conditioning repair in Cal City, CA, and costly replacement eventually.

Need Quality A/C Services? Get In Touch With the Experts!

As an A/C owner, it is your responsibility to take extra care to keep your system running in peak performance. Believing in myths won’t do any good! Take the knowledge from the experts!

If you need air conditioning repair in Cal City, CA or looking for some system care tips, call only All Heart Heating & Cooling. The company is ready to attend to all your comfort needs. Dial 661-310-3747!

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